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Top 5 best places to live in Dubai!

Living in a bustling city like Dubai is like a dream come true. You’ve got all your requirements at the doorstep and also an apartment situated right in the center, surrounded with a picturesque view. That’s a life anyone would envy. Hence, here’s a list of the top 5 most desirable places to buy an apartment and live in Dubai. Check them out!

5. Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is situated among a group of artificially created islands which is shaped with the imagery of a palm tree if viewed from above. The island is home to several luxurious resorts like The Atlantis and The Palm. The Palm Jumeirah has also got a wide range of restaurants and tourist attractions to spend a relaxed weekend strolling in the streets. Transportation facilities too are easily accessible and hence, is one of the best desirable places to live in Dubai. 

4. Jumeirah Village circle

The Jumeirah Village circle offers it’s people a peaceful village-like setting that is built with community houses and luxurious villas. Families that prefer living away from the crowded cities, should consider living here, in the Jumeirah Village circle. Schools, hospitals and country clubs make it an ideal place to live in Dubai. 

It also houses veterinary clinics in the vicinity, since it’s a pet-friendly place to live in!

3. Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city built on a stretch of 3 km shoreline and has a wide range of residential towers and villas to live in. If you plan on living here at the Dubai Marina, then you will probably have the best of your time going on late night walks, since it’s a city of huge skyscrapers that glow in the night light and has a magnificent sea view all around. 

Fun Fact: Several marine wildlife like whales and Sharks have entered the city due to it’s close proximity to the sea. 

2. Business Bay

This popular residential area of Dubai is located at the banks of Dubai canal. The several restaurants, cafes and hotels situated at Business Bay attracts a high number of young couples to opt living in. Mostly, couples and singles prefer living at the Business Bay, although few families too have chosen this place to stay. Moreover, the 12 km cycling track helps joggers have a relaxing jog away from the traffic. 

1. Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is a home to iconic landmarks, the ever known Burj Khalifa, world-class shopping centers and the famous Dubai Fountain. Imagine living in a happening place like Downtown Dubai, where you’ll find several tourist attractions at your doorstep. Downtown Dubai, you can feel like home even though it’s a touristy spot. 

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