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Top 5 Must-Try local foods of Goa

Goan cuisine is one of its kind. With the invasion of the Portuguese in the Goan land, the traditional Goan cuisine did derive its influences from the Portuguese cuisine. Which is why, today we see Goa having a unique blend of spices and flavorsome dishes that are mouthwatering, healthy and tempting at the same time. Here’s a list of the top 5 local foods one must definitely try during your Goa trip! 

5. Ros Omelette

Ros Omelette is a dish you’ll find at local food outlets that are opened in the evenings. The main ingredient of the curry (Ros) is coconut and a couple of spices that blend well together. Additionally, the Omelette is fried in a simple fashion and sometimes is served with chicken xacuti curry. So if you get lucky, you’ll also get a few pieces of chicken xacuti in your Ros Omelette plate. 

4. Goan Poi

#image of Goan sausages wrapped in Poi

The Goan Poi is the staple breakfast of every Goan. The poi is locally baked and sold by Breadmen who go around the villages and cities on their bicycles. The poi is sold for 5 rupee each. It goes well with Goan sausages, Beef steaks and other patal bhaji available in local breakfast restaurants. 

These days, we see the traditional Breadmen coming on their motorbikes to sell the poi. Hence, to catch them on the road, you’ll have to pay attention to the unique horning sounds they make that sound closely to pom poms. 

3. Bebinca

Image courtesy: Food of Goa

The Bebinca is a layered cake of the Indo-Portuguese cuisine of Goa. It’s one of the most loved sweets of Christmas. It is also bought as souvenirs by tourists on their way back home. Hence, if you too would like to try the Bebinca, do fetch for some local bakeries. of Goa Mind you, once you taste this delicious sweet, you won’t be able to resist yourself from having it again. 

2. Feni

The Goan Feni is a locally brewed alcohol that is made out of Cashew. It goes best with limca and has a strong smell of the cashew fruit. The best place to enjoy your feni is at the beachside, on a local shack with a group of friends and long chit chats. Therefore, choose your Goan Shack today and pick your feni glass for a chilling evening.

1. Vindaloo

The famous Goan pork vindaloo of the Goan cuisine takes its influence from Portugal after the arrival of the Portuguese. The dish was introduced to preserve the meat for longer hours especially during the travels of the Portuguese man. Overtime, locals loved the combination of the rich chilly curry with pork meat and then it went on to become one of the most cooked dishes in Goan catholic functions. 

Fun fact: The chillies were first introduced in India by the Portuguese who brought the seeds and began planting them first in Goa. Back then, India never grew chillies before the arrival of the Portuguese! 

Planning on a trip to Goa? Do try out these local foods of Goa! Moreover, if you need a professional photographer to capture moments from your Goa trip, do contact Lokaso Photoshoot! 

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