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Show off Your Fashion Style in Goa through Lokaso Photoshoot!

Winters in Goa may not be as chilling as it is in the north of India, but we do change our outfits to feel warm. While few stand out in their Fashion style in Goa, many prefer covering themselves with shawls or cosy sweaters that dismiss the need of a caption. If you are planning on a shoot in Goa, then you absolutely need to plan the location of the shoot, a unique style and most importantly you need to be comfortable, for these are the important factors. Check out how you can make your photoshoot worth it with us!!!

Wondering the best time? Check out!!

Image Courtesy: Team Lokaso

Winters are considered to be a real-good season to have your photoshoots in this beautiful state. The climate helps you to chill out as it is neither too cold nor too hot. The sky during the winter sunset gives shades of fiery red, purple and orange that seem the best for an aesthetic and rustic look when captured. If you are planning to have a shoot at the shores, then December is the best time! The sea is calm, the weather is not at all humid and you can get a lively feel all around since it’s a tourist spot.

Choose your outfit considering the location and comfort

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Goa is a place where you can freely swim and take a sunbathe in a bikini while not being taunted by society. So if it’s a beach shoot, then you are sorted. However, if you prefer the autumn road, there is still another beautiful painting to capture through a lens. Step over the crisp dry leaves, and let your white gown contrast the orange and yellow background while your hair sways with the wind, all while you enjoy every moment of the shoot. But of course, the painting is yours, along with all it’s options and sceneries, while we only help you with the lens and tell you about Dresses to wear in Goa. You can also try a cool look by wearing denim pants, a warm pullover, a scarf and boots. Remember that your outfits should suit the place at that moment and keep in mind that it is your beauty that stands out.

Tip: Never overdress to imitate others. Just slay it in your own way!

What accessories can suit your style?

Image Courtesy: lokaso
Image Courtesy: lokaso

You can choose a hat or a tiara to style your hair. Women who are blessed with artistic hands and fingers can consider highlighting them with rings or temporary tattoos in the photoshoot. Men can also choose a hat, or use a cigar to give a bold look, adding vibes of mystery. If the weather is a suitable omen, you can carry some stylish glasses as well, accentuating the eyes.

What next????

Before anything else, the first thing you need to do is, book a photographer from Goa. During the tourist season, they prefer having pre-bookings since there’s a lot happening in varied parts of Goa. They’ll give you ideas to consider and help you prepare your look. Make sure that you choose some Professional Photographers in Goa so that you can get the best out of them.

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Goa and hire a photographer to capture the perfect moment. Need some help? Contact us at https://www.golokaso.com/ and we’ll get you sorted.

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