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7 places you don’t want to miss in Ponda during your Goa Trip

Ponda, located at the heart of Goa, is also the cultural capital of Goa. Rich in heritage and diversity, Ponda is surrounded by scenic green villages and grand temples. Ponda is also home to large factories and industrial estates. Here are some of the beautiful places you should visit anytime when you are in Ponda.

1.Butterfly Conservatory of Goa


Pic Courtesy: /www.inditales.com

Also called Mystic Meadows,The butterfly conservatory is truly a nature lover’s destination. Located at Priol, This conservatory has more than 100 varieties of butterflies and few fishes and birds.  Best time to visit this place is in the morning. So if you are nearby the spice plantation at Ponda, don’t forget to check out this beautiful place.

Contact no: 098221 25474


2.Shivaji Fort


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Ponda Fort which is also known as Shivaji Fort is a popular tourist destination located at Farmagudi, Ponda.This fort was captured by Shivaji Maharaj from the Portuguese in 1965. It is a good picnic spot for students and tourists,the fort has a statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, there is also a Ganapati temple opposite to this fort.


Location: Farmagudi Fort, NH 4A,


Ponda, Goa


3.Old Borim Bridge


Pic Courtesy: traveltriangle.com

Well known for it’s scenic view, the old borim bridge is well known among the college students of Goa. Many come here to get themselves photographed. This bridge is rumored to be haunted, but that doesn’t stop people from coming here to witness a beautiful sunset. The ruins of this old bridge was found in three parts. And very recently, the middle part of the bridge had collapsed. This made the authorities take serious measures like adding a permanent fencing outside the remaining sections of the bridge.


Location: Borim,Ponda


4.Sahakari Spice Farm


Pic Courtesy: tripadvisor.com

One of the most popular places in Ponda, this spice farm is situated amidst the lush green surroundings of Curti.

A place for relaxation under the dense forest cover, this farm has variety of spice trees, and provides a guide who gives a tour around the farm and provides information about these spices.  

The farm also serves Goan style lunch and other modes of entertainment.


Address:  Ponda belgaum Highway,

Curti, Ponda, Goa 403001

Contact no.: 0832 231 2394


5.Safa Masjid


Pic courtesy:Instagram

Safa Masjid, which is also called Safa Shahouri Masjid was built by Ibrahim Adil Shah in 1560. Said to be the oldest mosque, this is one of the only two remnants of pure Islamic architecture in Goa. The main attraction is the beautiful water tank at the entrance of the mosque. It is built in a way that it reflects the whole mosque in it from any angle. A delight for every photographer indeed!

Location: Shadpur

Ponda Goa, 403401


6.Shanta Durga Temple


Pic courtesy: wikimedia.org

Shri Shantadurga Temple is situated on a small hill of Kavalem village in Ponda Taluka, Goa. This temple is a well known temple in Goa. Devotees flock here to worship the Goddess. Shantadurga temple fair is between December and January. It is one of the most popular temple fairs of Goa. Devotees from different places visit at this time of the year.

Location: Kavlem, Ponda, Goa




Pic courtesy: fireflydaily.com

St. Roque Chapel is located at Bandora village. It is also known as Bandora Chapel. Bandora is a small village in Ponda. Located atop a small hill, the view from up there is very beautiful. The church authorities have now put barricades outside the chapel to prevent any accidents down the slope. .This chapel dedicated to St. Roque, is surrounded by famous temples of Goa. Visit this place for a nice breezy evening in the midst of greenery and nothing but serenity.

Location: Bandora,Ponda, Goa


So, the next time you are in Ponda, don’t forget to visit these beautiful places.If you know more places in Ponda, let us know in the comments below. For more exclusive tips about Goa, Check out the Lokaso app.

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