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Good Friday and Easter in Goa 2018: Celebrations, Observances & more

As 2018 slowly moves on, Easter has finally found its way to Goa yet again. Two days after Catholics in Goa mourn the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in their most solemn day of the year, they’ll be indulging into succulent slices of turkey or roast suckling pork to celebrate his resurrection. This is the joy of Easter, the promise of renewal.

Why ‘Good’ Friday? – A brief History

Friday is the day of the week when Jesus was crucified. It is called Good Friday because good meant holy.



Unlike Christmas, which is always celebrated on a fixed date, the date of Easter varies every year as it depends on the Hebrew Calendar and not the Gregorian Calendar. However, as the resurrection is believed to have happened the third day of the crucifixion (Good Friday), it always falls on a Sunday. This year, Easter is on Sunday, 1st April.

Goa and Easter : How we celebrate it

Right after the Carnival, once Lent begins, the 40 days Jesus spent doing penance in the desert gets commorated. These are the 40 days when you’re not supposed to drink alcohol or eat fancy foods. Lent is concluded with Easter celebrations after the Holy Week.


Hot Cross Buns made by local Goans ;  Courtesy- Dusty’s Foodie


On this day, Goans catholics eat hot cross buns. The origins of hot cross buns are obscure but in pagan times people baked buns and offered them to the gods.

Easter Mass in Churches of Goa

Easter Mass in Churches of Goa


What to eat in Goa during Easter

Like with Christmas there are traditional dishes which are prepared in Goan households at Easter time. These include Sorpotel and sannas, vindalho and other savoury and spicy curries (all meaty).

Chicken Vindaloo Image courtesy : Saveur

Chicken Vindaloo
Image courtesy : Saveur


Additionally, people make Easter eggs, usually out of cashew nut marzipan and distribute them amongst their friends and relatives. Chocolate eggs have also come to be used, and some people make chocolate fudge or milk cream eggs which are especially delicious.

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Chocolate Easter Eggs
Courtesy: Flour Girl

Easter Parties in Goa 2018

What would be Easter Celebrations in Goa without a little merrymaking? After all, it’s all about going berserk after weeks of penance. Here are some Easter Parties in Goa that you don’t want to miss out on.

The Easter Shakedown at Titos Goa

DJ Rinton is back at it this easter. Putting in his modern moves in traditional groves. Be sure to catch him live at Titos on Saturday 31st March. This time he’s partnering up with none other than Major Milkshake. That’s right folks. It’s gonna be lit.


Easter Hangover in Verna, Goa

Get ready to be super stoked. Why? Now you can catch Sahil, Tushar and Richard as the DJ Trio grind non stop tracks at Peacock Valley Verna. Drinks and buds are highly recommended.


Pet the Bunny at Club LPK Goa

Hands up and get ready to Pet the Bunny at the massive Easter weekend at Club LPK – Love Passion Karma. Whats on the menu you ask? Nothing short of multi genre music featuring two separate dance floors.

Call on 0932-673-3295 to book your VIP tables now. Featuring this two day event will be DJ Deep with his live out loud vibes.




That’s all for now! Team Lokaso sends you the heartiest Easter wishes to you and your near and dear ones this year.

Heading out for easter yourself? Be sure to keep the Lokaso App handy for insightful content on every festival in Goa.

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