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Top 5 Surprise proposal ideas during your Jaipur Trip!

Jaipur is one of the best places to include if you are planning on a destination proposal, since it’s an enchanting city that inspires love like that of Rani Padmavati and Rawal Ratan Singh. Jaipur is known for its fairy tale backdrop and romantic picturesque architecture – giving you all the more reasons to plan on a surprise proposal in Jaipur. 

Planning the perfect proposal for her can be tedious, especially when you want it to be perfectly unforgettable. Wait! Why only make ‘her’ feel special and why not ‘him’? Gone are those days when only a man would propose to his girlfriend. Men too want to feel special. Therefore, why not give an opportunity to women to make their beau feel loved as well?

Scroll down for the most happening proposal ideas in Jaipur to make your partner scream ‘Yes’ or ‘I do’! 

5. Present the ring during a romantic dinner date!

Image courtesy: Diana and Donald

Proposing during a dinner date may sound nothing unique but is still considered as one of the most opted options for the old school romantic couples. Propose your partner while dining at a fine restaurant amidst a romantic setting.

Some spectacular places where you can plan a dinner date along with a little privacy are ‘The Padao Restaurant’ in Nahargarh Fort which overlooks the pink city and provides a panoramic view that will captivate you and your love interest. Another restaurant with a romantic atmosphere is ‘1135 AD‘. Taste the flavours of the recipes that have been passed on through generations from the royal kitchens of the Rajputana Kingdom. 

You can also get in touch with the manager and get the place decorated beforehand to soothe the mood.

4. Proposal on a hot air balloon sounds adventurous!

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

By placing the white clouds and a blue sky as your backdrop, your adventurous soulmate won’t ever forget your surprise proposal stunt in Jaipur. Assure that the crew know about your plan and are ready for it rather than giving them a surprise too πŸ˜‚. The pilot should be able to tell you when the most scenic view appears. That’s when you need to go down on your knees.

Since the hot air balloon rides are held two hours before sunrise and sunset, it will be a perfect colourful blend to add to your memories. To make it more romantic you can also get an “I LOVE YOU” print on the hot air balloon on special demand. 

Make sure your partner isn’t afraid to fly or your plan might fall flat!πŸ˜…

3. Make a visit to find historical romance at the breathtaking Jaipur Palaces

#Taj Hotels, at Rambagh Palace

Although the Taj Mahal is known as a symbol of love and many couples plan proposals at this spot, to feel inspired by the eternal love of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz, there are places in Jaipur too that are known as a symbol of love, like the Rajmahal Palace. And Sisodia Rani Garden. 

Rajmahal Palace is now converted into a resort that will help you create an ideal proposal date royally amidst the royalty. 

2. A Surprise Proposal at a Jaipur Party!

#Party at Blackout Club, Jaipur

If you don’t mind making your proposal public rather than making it an intimate and private one and if you both are fan of partying at clubs then you can plan on a proposal at the popular pubs in Jaipur like the Blackout Club. Jaipur.

While your partner is busy dancing and enjoying the music with some booze, you can slowly sneak up to the stage, grab the mike and propose to him or her with all the crowd watching you. This will surely be a unique, thrilling and gutty gesture thereby making your partner romantically surprised. 

You can request the DJ as well to play your partner’s favourite music.

1. A Surprise Proposal amidst the Jaipur desert!

Image courtesy: Aashish Photography / https://bit.ly/3JcPlfl

Proposal amidst the desert? Sounds weird right? Honestly, it’s an uncommon proposal site. You can plan this when you go for a desert safari in Jaipur with your beloved. Arrange some camels or young kids to hold onto your placards. Such a proposal at a secluded desert will surely get your lover to say, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” 

Install a small tent at the dessert, decorate the interiors with a romantic touch up and don’t forget to add scented candles too. With all these preparations, your beloved will definitely feel blessed. 

One final tip… 

Make sure to book a photographer or videographer like Lokaso at your proposal Destination who will capture cherishable moments for future memories. 

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