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Ideas for your Beach Photoshoot in Goa

Your Goan beach vacation is incomplete without taking some Instagram worthy photos that evoke a sense of FOMO to those who refused to join you on your trip.

We present a few ideas to help you take those feed-worthy photos.

5. Beachwear Shots! 🏖

Get those floral shirts, bikinis, sarongs, trunks etc out on the beach, flaunt those tan lines on your body and take some cool photos on the beach, in the water, pose near a palm tree, etc.

Image Courtesy: Lokaso Goa

4. Adventure Sports! 🪂

Try some adventure sports like board surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, etc and take cool pictures of you in action. The jet surfer look is something that will be a definite conversation starter, if not a stellar profile photo is always a win. Don’t worry if you haven’t tried any water sports earlier, there are plenty of places in Goa offering short beginner lessons.

Image Courtesy: Asad’s Photography

3. Quirky Poses 🕺🏽

Quirky poses on the beach always make for amazing pictures. You don’t have to be a professional model for this. Just find a few simple poses to do and get clicking. This is a good idea for those sunrise and sunset pictures. If you would like to have your pre-wedding shoot in Goa, then the beach is an awesome backdrop!

Image Courtesy: Lokaso Goa

2. Boats 🚤

Goa is known for its beaches and the best part of most of the beaches are the small boats that are docked on the beach. A fabulous photo with the boats in the background can make some really great shots!

Image Courtesy: Lokaso Goa
Image Courtesy: Lokaso Goa

1. Yachts 🛥

Your pictures on a yacht will scream of glamour and luxury and is sure to get you those likes in no time. Just book a yacht ride for you and your loved one and you are good to go. You can even consider renting your own private yacht with your friends if you want to have a more private experience. All that’s left after this is to hire a photographer! We’ve got you covered in that aspect!

Image Credits: Fun Cruises Goa

Get your photography session on a beach in Goa done by a Lokaso professional. Hit us up and we’ll get you sorted.

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