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Top 6 Couple Photoshoot outfit ideas for your next Goa trip!

Booking a pre-wedding couple photoshoot and executing a plan for the entire day is a simple task to pen down. However, the confusion that follows while deciding upon which outfit to wear for your Goa couple photoshoot, seems the actual problem indeed. One may choose a normal day wear, while few may cancel the shoot since they ran out of outfits. This happens many times; you can’t simply pay for a shoot and get yourself clicked with pajamas and boots. Therefore, to help you sort these confusions, here’s a list of ideas that could help you slay your couple photoshoot!

6. Dress yourselves with the Vamp’s elegant beauty

Initially a vamp was known as someone who could manipulate men with her charm and beauty, like a femme fatale – someone in a bodycon outfit with a bright red lipstick. Today, of course a vamp is still used to create a spot on a woman’s character, but why care for the world? Be yourselves, and dress in stunning black outfits to slay the photographs. To modify into a 21st century’s look, wear a dark outfit with some bold makeup to get bold shots. While she graces herself in a black bodycon dress, men too can choose something black with his buttons unbuttoned😉

5. Use the street style to make the rest envious of you!

Image Courtesy: Team Lokaso

Originating from the British Fashion Culture, the street style look allows you to flaunt your dressing choice in a simple yet stylish manner. A shoot amidst the busy lanes with you dominating the crowd, is something one has just seen over magazine covers or somewhere on social media. For a street style, dress as you’re pleased, but remember it shouldn’t be too much but as simple as possible.

To get detailed information on this particular style, click here.

4. Vintage Wear – A Classic Style!

Image Courtesy: Stiletto 

Goa, being a place that has perfectly preserved its ancestral structures, is a place to try out the vintage style. Hence, choose your destination that represents the victorious Portuguese era, like the Fontainhas street or the glorious churches and forts, worthy enough to match your style. Men can try out something like a plaid suit, a bow and a hat, remembering to fit on those old boots.

3. Not a swimsuit, but a beach dress is a perfect one for a beach photoshoot!

Image courtesy: Team Lokaso

A photoshoot in Goa is incomplete without the shore in your picture. And if the beach is one of your destinations, then how can you miss out the chance to grab beachwear? Therefore, alongside the streets, rent out some light coloured graceful outfits, of your choice. This outfit is bound to make all shopaholics excited for their next couple photoshoot.

2. At times the simplest white T-shirt seems to be the best!

Image Courtesy: Team Lokaso

When you’re too confused about the outfit to grab upon, a plain white t-shirt with simple blue denim pants along with classy boots can do your work. The best is also that, if you run out of a blue jean pant, then these white T-shirts can go along with anything available in your wardrobe. This combination helps you get a cool yet classy look, overpowering everything around.

1. Capture yourselves with the all-time sophisticated look!

Image courtesy: Team Lokaso

If you wanna have a formal look with your partner, then opt for this sophisticated style by wearing a graceful gown, hair perfectly set into wavy curls, and the makeup highlighting your curves. Men need not worry much with this outfit style, ‘coz you’ll anyway grace the couple photoshoot!

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