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Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Goa who can doll you up for your Goa Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most awaited events that most of us dream about in our lives. To stand out on this day and make it memorable, you ought to enhance your features in an adorning look. Not just your spouse, but the photographer too can have some jaw-dropping clicks. This calls for an expert-hand like that of a wedding makeup artist. Hire one from an abundance of professional bridal makeup artists in Goa to ensure that you look stunning on your special day.

Why Choose a professional Makeup Artist in Goa?

While the catholic weddings seem to be less chaotic, a desi wedding can be topsy turvy yet as colorful as it could be. Amongst all the frenzy, what all your invitees would be waiting to see is ‘how you look’ and ‘what you wear’. To keep the stress factor minimal, it is better to invest in a professional.

Here are 8 bridal makeup artists in Goa guaranteed to get the job done well.

6. Gen Reily

Image courtesy: Occasion Venue

Image courtesy: Occasion Venue

Being a celebrity makeup artist, Gen Reilly has the hands to sprinkle upon you the glow that a celebrity bride would have. Having the eye to give you a complete makeover as well as the patience to carefully listen and understand your requirements, she helps you create your image of beauty with utmost perfection not giving a chance for any mistakes. Her offers of paid makeup trails before your wedding day helps you feel comfortable and trust the hands brushing your cheeks. The qualitative products will moisturize your skin and not cause any serious harm. That’s the best thing one would ever want. 

Price: Starting from 25,000 INR

Contact: +91 9821989122

Website: https://www.genreilly.com/ 

5. Sakshi Royal Makeup Art

Image courtesy: YouTube

Image courtesy: YouTube

Your demand is the only thing that needs to be fulfilled. Besides Mumbai, Sakshi attends to clients from Goa as well. Having nine years of professional experience, Sakshi is well-known to embellish her customers and carve them into an elegant piece of beauty. Her talented team will help your best features stand out and help you to be more confident of yourself. The friendly team and positive reviews is what makes her one of the best makeup artists in Goa.

Price: Starting from 15,000 INR

Contact: +91 8286304043

Facebook link: https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Makeup-Artist/Sakshi-Royal-Makeup-Art-402488643534469/ 

4. Makeovers by Sukanya

Image Courtesy: Weddings De Goa

Image Courtesy: Weddings De Goa

Sukanya has specialised in various fields of makeup and has also been trained by a professional bollywood artist, Marvie Ann Beck giving her an edge in the makeup industry. By using high quality makeup brands, she helps her clients receive high satisfaction and provide extensive care to their delicate skin. Although featured in NDTV Goodtimes, she is still kind-hearted and attends to every customer with a happy face. 

Price: Starting 30,000 INR

Contact: +91 704 512 2649

Website: https://www.makeoversbysukanya.com/

3. Nizami Makeover

Image Courtesy: The Bridal Box

Image Courtesy: The Bridal Box

Trained and certified by International brand Makeup Studio training center, Nizami has the skill to transform you into a bold looking bride, yet maintaining the real you. Her usage of branded products helps soothe your skin cells and maintain the glow that you’d need on your second day. 

Price: 15,000 INR

Contact: +91 9890005065

Website: https://nizamimakeovers.com/ 

2. Shape and Shine Salon

Image Courtesy: Shape and shine salon

Image Courtesy: Shape and shine salon

Trust Shape and Shine Salon in Dona Paula when it comes to all your wedding styling needs in Goa. Their styling gurus are great at perfecting hair, makeup and give you the bridal glow. Also, a great addition is that you can request styling services for all your family members and guests at the venue itself. Their USP is Indian & Catholic Bridal makeup, both in HD & Airbrush.  

Price: 25,000 INR

Contact: +91 7030786754

Website: https://bit.ly/3v3sblF

1. Bina Punjani Hair Studio

Image Courtesy: Bina Punjani Bridal Makeup

Having worked as a makeup and hair stylist in London, Bina was used to a certain pattern. But later when she came down and began working in a famous makeup company in New Delhi, she felt a need to start up her own firm having its own brand. Overtime, she grew her business in several parts of Goa and has established her unique trend. Bridal artists working at Bina Punjani Studio, Goa are trained there itself and are then employed. This helps the customers and artists to be away from chaotic environments and help the work go smoothly. They bring out your best looks and give you 100%  satisfaction.

Price: Starting from 25,000 INR

Contact: +91 9623216736

Website: https://www.binapunjani.com/

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