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Planning South Goa Trip? Here’s our top Pick of 8 Trending things to do in South Goa this Season!

Unlike the bustling district of North Goa, one can find solace and warmth in the beauty of nature by planning an adventurous trip to South Goa. South Goa has naturally maintained the remains of Portugal colonialism by displaying several Indo Portuguese houses that speak of the rich historicity Goa holds. Most of the tourists aren’t aware of these attractions. Therefore, to give our visitors a clearer picture, we have prepared a list of things-to-do in South Goa, so you can enjoy every moment of your Goa trip. 

9. Road trip at Cavelossim 

An astonishing charm at the interior village life along with a calm atmosphere at the beachside including boat rides at the Sal river is what one will find at Cavelossim. A road trip at this beautiful village is a must-to-do while on your trip to South-Goa. Cavelossim is also famous because of the dolphins that do not miss a chance to enchant their viewers. So, grab a plate full of Goan Seafood delicacies and enjoy a ride to watch the dolphins perform their stunts. 

Guess what! Cavelossim is also home to some of the most famous dining places of Goa. James Hut and Fisherman’s Wharf ranks among the top! 

8. Full moon party at Colva Beach

If you are a fan of full moon nights and of partying as well, then a visit to Colva Beach should be a great choice. Clubs at Colva Beach host special parties during full moon nights to get the beat going. Thus, creating energetic musical beats in the hearts of every person tapping their feet swaying with the flow. 

7. Betul Beach 

Known as the fishing village, Betul Beach is an ideally romantic getaway for couples seeking a calm hideout under the beautiful palm trees. You can also sunbathe at the shore together by enjoying a refreshing drink of tender coconut water. Since it’s a secluded place, you can keep your privacy in check and enjoy each other’s company under the picturesque sunset. 

6. Scuba Diving At Bogmalo

Choose to dive into the exotic marine life of the Arabian sea at the Grand Island, a 10 minute boat ride from Bogmalo beach. With a well-experienced team of professionals, you can attain an enjoyable memory with utmost precautions, at reasonable prices. It is definitely exciting to watch the little fishes crossing paths with you. Hence if you are on a trip to South Goa, you ought to take a deep dive and feel every moment of your life. 

5. A day out at Cabo De Rama 

The scenic beach view at Cabo De Rama always attracts locals as well as tourists to enjoy a chilling picnic. The beautiful rocky track gives a thrilling experience for nature lovers. The fort of Cabo De Rama too stands high making it a picturesque backdrop for your Goa photoshoots. Standing at the peak of the fort, you can take a deep breath viewing the sun set into the calm sea. 

Remember to be careful while swimming, since there are no lifeguards available for your rescue!

4. A thrilling walk at the Three kings Church

What’s more exciting? A haunting experience ironically at a church, or a picturesque view with some scary chills?

The Three Kings church is an ancestral structure that encapsulates a panoramic legend along with a splendid mountain-top view. Nature lovers must visit this place because of the charming beauty the place holds. Whether or not ghosts exist at the place, be sure to leave the site before 6pm. Make sure to also capture good snaps, because the view is indeed breathtaking. 

*Nobody is allowed in the premises post 6pm (as per reports)!*

3. Peninsula that helps the sal river meet the Arabian Sea!

Not just the picturesque beauty of the peaceful ambience, but the refreshing air will help you filter out all of your miseries and make you all cheery. The peninsula that meets the Arabian sea with the Sal river is one of the rare sights one will find in Goa.

2. Trek at the ever known beauty of Tambdi Surla

The trek to the Tambdi Surla waterfalls is an exotic walk in the lap of nature. The unique flora and fauna found here are simply exciting to capture memories. The trek begins from the Tambdi Surla temple, which might be hectic, but the final picturesque view is worth experiencing. To not miss the route and diverge into a creepy path, hire a local yet trusted guide to receive safe guidance. 

Still wanna be adventurous? Then try your luck without a guide, but remember to trek in a large group. 

1. Photoshoot at Picturesque Goa

Image courtesy: Team Lokaso

Your Goa trip is incomplete if you don’t take some professional snaps. Especially during your South Goa trip, you cannot miss out on capturing the natural beauty Goa preserves. Every village and every river has scenic views worth capturing. Hence, choose the best photographer who is acquainted with the ideal photoshoot locations of Goa. 

To freeze all of these adventurous and exciting moments, you may need a photographer. Contact Lokaso, to capture moments by the best!

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