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Authentic Delicacies found only in Goa – Part 1

Goa isn’t simply one of the best tourist spots in India. Goa’s preserved culture, heritage, topography and most of all, it’s authentic food that consists of a dash of the Portuguese flavours is the biggest reason for tourists to be drawn to this paradise. 

Here’s a list of delicacies you MUST TRY if you’re in Goa:

5. Ros Omelette

Most of us enjoy munching on a fluffy, well-spiced omelette. How about an omelette soaked in a well-cooked, coconut-based chicken gravy? Now that sounds like a meal! 

Ros Omelette is one such delicacy that is not only wholesome but is also pocket friendly. 

You’ll find a stall that serves Ros Omelette in every other street of Goa.

Photo by: @vaibhaviprabhudesai

4. Goan Prawn Curry

If you’re a seafood lover and haven’t tried out the Goan Prawn Curry, you’re missing out on life! This coconut milk based delicacy with some big, crunchy prawns diced in is all you need on a sunny afternoon! 

Photo By: whiskaffair

3. Bangda Recheado 

Recheado is a sweet and sour paste made mainly of onions, tomatoes and some ground spices. This paste is stuffed into the ‘Bangda’ or ‘Mackerel’ Fish and is fried to perfection. 

Photo By: shuttershel

2. Chicken Xacuti 

Xacuti is a flavorsome curry to which juicy chunks of chicken and Konkan spices are added. The curry is well savored with a bowl of steamed rice. 

Photo By: @yos.photography

1. Sorpotel 

This Goan vinegar-based gravy consists of organs/meat of mostly pork and beef. This Indo-Portuguese dish is very popularly cooked in Goan weddings. The flavours for sure will tickle your taste buds! 

Photo By: foodfaironbrownstreet

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