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A blend of Top 7 exotic places to visit during your Indore trip!

Indore is an exotic city of Madhya Pradesh that is enriched with a rich traditional history, folklore of Hindu mythology with varieties of yummilicious food outlets. One must definitely explore such famous as well as secluded locations, to know about the beauty of the city. Here’s a list of the top 7 exotic places that you must visit during your Indore trip. 

7. Patalpani Waterfalls

Traditional beliefs of Indore culture claim that the waterfall is as deep as the Patal (underworld) of Indian Hindu mythology – that’s where the waterfall gets its etymology. At Patalpani Waterfalls, enjoy the natural beauty of Indore, gazing at the milky water flowing down the valley, in tranquility. 

This place in Indore is usually less crowded, hence you may rest assured that you’ll definitely find Patalpani Waterfalls with a peaceful ambience. 

6. Sarafa Bazaar

Who doesn’t love food? Whether you’re a foodie or not, doesn’t really matter once you step into Sarafa Bazaar, which exhibits the local cuisine of Indore. Here’s a go-to place whenever you’re fed up filling your tummy with fast food and becoming a junk😅. Head towards the Sarafa Bazaar, where you won’t just find happiness tasting the delicious combinations of sweet and spicy foods to soothe every taste buds but communicating with the locals too is pretty exciting. 

5. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

All the nature lovers ought to head towards the Ralamandal Wildlife sanctuary that houses magnificent creatures, creepy crawlies and also, the holy Ganga river. Make sure to spend your entire day at the sanctuary, so you can explore every part of the forest. 

Greet the wildlife with a charming smile, just make sure to not lure them to pounce on you ‘coz of your charming beauty. 😅

4. Indore White Church

It is important to note that the Indore White church is entirely built of white stone and marble. Hence, giving it an exotic overview especially for photoshoots. Indore White Church, was built by the Protestant community for the Christian devotees of India. The White Church of Indore is one of those architectural places that combines beauty with historicity, thus making it a must-to-visit Indore location. 

Every year on the 9th of August the church feast is celebrated with a Grand ceremony. If you’ll be travelling to Indore, during this season, a religious visit to the place could bring out peaceful vibes. (Click here to know more about the Indore White Church)

3. Rajwada Palace, Indore

Rajawada was a palace that belonged to the Holkar dynasty. It represents the majestic architectural skills of the Holkar rule. Hence, an ancestral walk into this splendid beauty of historical references will educate you about the rich bygone days of the Holkar dynasty. The picturesque view of the Rajwada is also an ideal place for photoshoots. Therefore, make sure to get some photo-authentic shots in the Rajwada Palace of Indore, with some professional Indore photographers. 

2. Pipliyapala Regional park

This one’s a perfect place to end the day with a beautiful sunset view on a boat ride with your loved ones. The Pipliyapala lake has a spread of 122 acres, thus allowing you to experience the rhythmic fountains, French Gardens and much more. 

1. Crescent Water Park

While on a trip to Indore, one might want to take a break from the site seeing opportunities and dive into the thrilling adventurous rides. If you really wanna get wet with your buddies and enjoy a day out at the pool, then Crescent Water Park is where you need to go. It’s an amusement park, well known for its water rides that could be a great pick for your Indore trip. 

Planning on a trip to Indore? Make sure to prepare your bucket list for all the places you wish to visit in Indore. Also, if looking out for photographers to capture your memories of Indore, feel free to contact Lokaso for some professional shots! 

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