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One Day Trip to Goa

When you hear the word ‘holiday’, the first word that’d pop up in your mind is Goaaaa, isn’t it?

Now what if you have just a day’s holiday? I’m sure you’d want to do justice to the amount of time you’ve got. Prioritizing your ‘to do’ list can be quite a task when you have a time crunch. Sometimes, all you need is a relaxing day off and a few of your close buddies or just your BAE to brighten up that awesome day! For starters, a family photoshoot or couples photoshoot can definitely make your one day trip a whole lot sweeter! What’s not to love about the scenic pictures taken at the best locations in Goa? And so, we’ve got your back, here’s a list of things you can do to make the most of your one day trip:

5. Heritage Walk

If you’ve been curious about Goa’s culture, history, architecture and everything it’s taken Goa to be what it is, then a heritage walk around the most historical places in Goa has to be on your itinerary.

Walk through an old, colourful Latin quarter in Panjim named ‘Fontainhas’. Access a traditional Hindu house, witness the raw Portuguese architecture and also meet renowned musicians!

If you’re staying around Old Goa, then please your visual senses with a heritage walk through the city, sighting well-maintained churches and much more! To edge this experience, don’t forget to hire Lokaso


4. Sky ‘Dining’

Imagine feeding on a moreish meal while you’re being hauled up 160 feet above land to view a cliff, with a perfect blend of wind and sunlight. Sky Dining is a whole new experience for those of you who are not only adventure junkies but foodies too! Don’t forget to capture your exclusive experience! Hire the best photographers from Lokaso to capture your surreal experience.

Picture Credits: Sky Dining Goa

3. Ride amidst lush nature

Motorcycle rides can be quite dangerous on a hilly terrain like that of Goa’s! But, if you love getting your hands on a two-wheeler, we’ve got your back 😉 

Book yourself a ‘B:live’ e-bike and experience being a part of the terrain as you cycle through the curvy stretches of Goa. 

Picture Credits: B:Live E-Bike Tours

2. Take a salty dip

After a long, eventful day, all that you’ll need to ease out is a dip in the sea. Having waves of the sea, run over your body is therapy in itself. If you’re not up for getting yourself wet, lying down by the shore and watching the sunset can be quite soothing too! Having a photoshoot by Lokaso along the seashore would be a great way to remember these little moments of joy. 


1. A fine dine to top it off

Goan seafood is undoubtedly delectable! The reminiscence of the Portuguese culture leaks out in every other form, till date. Although the Portuguese left Goa centuries ago, their essence in Goan delicacies is not lost. Some of Goa’s fine dining restaurants have still preserved this heritage and don’t miss out on serving authentic Indo-Portuguese cuisine.

Photograph your journey in Goa with the best. Hire a Lokaso photographer and relax.

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