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Why you must experience Goa at least Once in your lifetime

It is often said that traveling in India is unlike any other country on the face of the earth. As India is more of an amalgam of several countries, each with its own distinct culture and reasons to go to. With that being said, Goa is no different. Oftentimes referred to as heaven on earth, it’s pretty obvious why. The seemingly magical beaches, endless roads, beautiful people and even more so beautiful weather. Goa has it all. If you haven’t been to Goa, you’re truly missing out on something truly out of this world. Here are just some of the few reasons why you NEED to visit Goa if you haven’t already.

11. There is fish everywhere

Catfish, Gobro, Kalundar, Whip finfish, Shetki, Dhoma, Butterfish, Khampi, Red snapper, Mackerel, Tamoshi, Shell Fish, Kingfish, Sardines, Prawns, Lobsters or Pomfret. We got em’ all.  

There are plenty of great seafood restaurants throughout Goa. Pousada by the Beach in Calangute and the Black Sheep Bistro in Panjim are considered to be the best. The Fisherman’s Wharf at Cavelossim is also a great choice for a scrumptious meal.




Humann is a Goan staple and can be made using a variety of fish including prawns and kingfish


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10. The Weather is perfect

In dire need for some rain? You’ve come to the right place, friend. It never floods. Like the heatwave? Well, we have no draughts either. Perhaps you prefer a cool breeze. You’ll be glad to know that freezing winters are unheard of in these parts.

Find a place with more perfect weather. You probably won’t



Baga Coastline during Summer

Image courtesy: Anoop Negi



9. Goa’s oceans are guaranteed to leave you speechless

It’s only right that a place with such an awesome coastline has equally awesome water-based adventures. After chilling out on the beach, you can get your adrenaline pumping on the open ocean by speeding across the waves in a speedboat or jet ski.

You can take it down a notch by scuba diving, where you can explore the seabed and Goa’s varied marine ecosystem. Flyboarding is also another exciting sport in Goa that has gained a lot of traction in recent years.


Image courtesy: TravelTriangle


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8. It’s bustling with art

From the art deco buildings that adorn the beachfront, to the ever-expanding number of galleries and the street art of Panjim and Vasco. Goa is essentially alive with art. Mario Miranda is seldom associated with Goan art. And with good reason. His time-tested works of art depicting Goan life can be seen throughout the state. One of his final masterpieces can be seen at the Margao railway station entrance.





7. Goa is wild and wonderful

The western ghats are sandwiched right between Goa and Karnataka. To the west, you’ll find nothing but greenery and an expanse misty hills. These parts are perfect for wilderness adventures. The nearby Molem National park is home to a number of hiking and biking trails that are ideal for working off stress. With an estimated 1300+ species of animals, the park really does put the wild into wildlife.

Scuba diving at the Mandovi is an excellent way to view Goa’s incredible underwater ecosystem.

Deer’s at Bhagvan Mahavir

Deer’s at Bhagavan Mahavir
Image courtesy: Goa365




6. Goa parties like there’s no tomorrow

Like everything in this state, a night out in Goa is an experience that is distinctively Goan, with a touch of Russian Hard bass, of course. The north, in particular, is home to some of the most famed nightclubs in the world with great DJ’s playing sets that are guaranteed to get you dancing. Traditional Konkani music can be found in bars all over the state, and you don’t have to look far to discover a lively bar or ten.

Sunset Ashram

Sunset Ashram




5. Goa is rich in history

Having fun and chilling out is a tourist staple in Goa. But unfortunately, very few people are aware of its rich and ancient history. Arvalem Caves for instances housed the first Goan settlers somewhere around 600AD. There are also a handful of really old churches in and around Old Goa.


Mahadev Temple at Tambdi Surla is the oldest standing structure in Goa

Mahadev Temple at Tambdi Surla is the oldest standing structure in Goa



4. Goans are the best. Period

You will find a bunch of awesome people in Goa! And everyone should have at least one Goan friend if you really want to complete your ultimate friend circle. And it’s not just the chilled out attitude either. If you haven’t attended a party at a Goan household, you don’t know what you are missing out on. Goans can even turn a little family dinner into a party that goes all night long! Give them music, food, and Kingfisher and it is guaranteed you will have the time of your life! Also, they are great singers. The moment they start singing and dancing you know it is about to go down as one of the best nights in history! Until you attend the next party…

Whatever you do. Just don’t ruin their Siestas 😉  And no. we don’t dress this guy below 😉

No. we don’t dress like Hank




3. It’s as clean as it gets

India and Indians, in general, are notorious when it comes to cleanliness but fortunately, Goans practice what they preach. And it’s no surprise that Goa has been rated as one of the cleanest states in the country.

Be it the water or on the streets. Open defecation is also next to nonexistent. Rest assured. One safely move around Goa without expecting a dumpyard every 2 kilometers.  

Credits: Goa.me

Credits: Goa.me


2. Goa is perfect for a road trip

Goa has really great and well-maintained roads. A trip to Goa would be incomplete without fun and exhilarating road trip. Road Trips can be a nice and refreshing experience to drive you away from boredom. Just take the roads less traveled and keep going.

There are plenty of places in Goa where you can rent bikes for 100 Rs/day. Cars cost a bit more though. Drive safe and be sure to avoid driving bikes near thick forests as leopards are known to patrol such area.

Image courtesy : Cruising Nawabs

Image courtesy: Cruising Nawabs

1. You can always find some quiet time

Goa might be one of the craziest places on Earth, but it’s easy to change the pace and escape to some wonderfully secluded spots all around the state. For some laid-back island vibes, head out to St Jacinto Island in Vasco. Or… Relax on idyllic beaches like Cabo de Rama, Palolem, Ashwem that are far removed from Goa’s nonstop hustle. Alternatively, if you’re in Panjim and don’t know where to look. Sitting along the Mandovi coast behind Kala Academy can be a very relaxing experience.  

St Jacinto Island

St Jacinto Island
Image courtesy: Rey Dias


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