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15 Facts that nobody told you about baby photoshoots

A photograph is the pause button of life. Every image of your baby will bring back all the sweet old memories. If you are planning on having a baby photo shoot, then you will definitely want to have a look at these 15 facts that are extremely important to keep in mind.

1. For newborn, finalise it at least 15 days prior delivery

For newborn, usually the first two weeks are the best for the photo shoot where they are sleepier and more patient. But if you want to have more mature looking photos then infants and toddlers are good to shoot.

Image courtesy: https://www.putneybabyphotography.com/

2. Best when the little one is sleeping

Babies look the best when they are asleep. The calmness on their face is adorable. If you are successful in putting your child asleep, then you could put them in a cot or on a soft surface.

Image courtesy: https://bambiniphoto.sg

3. Comfort is in your hands

Make sure the baby loves you. If the child isn’t comfortable with you, then handling them may get difficult for photography. Professionals have a good experience when it comes to handling your sweethearts.

Image courtesy: Team Lokaso

4. Entertainment is the key

Image courtesy: Team Lokaso

If your baby is above 6 months, then you can try entertaining him/her behind the cameraman so it looks like the child is looking directly into the camera. Interacting with the child helps them develop interest.

5. Comfort with female photographer

Babies are more comfortable with females in photo shoots. When you have female photographers, children as well as parents are more open to topics like pee & poo, nursing and baby sleep.

6. Warm rooms make them feel cosy

It’s good to shoot in a room where the temperature is slightly warm. During some poses, you may want to remove your child’s clothes; this warm vibe will make your baby feel cosy.

Image courtesy: jewel-images.com

7. Communication is important

In order to communicate with the child, you need to be like a child. Making funny faces, playing hide and seek can make your baby smile. Here you catch the correct moment. 

Image courtesy: Team Lokaso

8. Props are a must

Props not only give a different angle to the photograph, but they also help you keep your baby happy while playing with them. Photographers love to capture real memories.

Image courtesy: Team Lokaso

9. Baby photoshoot is incomplete without parents

Including parents in some of the photographs is compulsory. This will make the child more happy and the parents will also get impressed with your idea. Try to keep it simple.

Image courtesy:Team Lokaso

10. Most babies love flash

When something sparkles, they will smile. Photographers wait for this moment to grab their attention and capture the smile whenever it occurs. However, for newborn, using flash isn’t advisable. Some infants might get irritated with the flash. In this circumstance you could use natural light.

11. Babies may get cranky

In order to avoid moments where your baby is not at all in the mood of being shot, you need to prepare your child well in advance by nursing them and making them happy. Always keep an hour or so in hand to bring your baby back in the mood of photoshoot.

Image courtesy: Kirja, Stockphoto

12. Expectation versus reality

It’s a human tendency to expect too much. But when you actually go to demonstrate your ideas, it may get too weird. Hence, leave the poses in the hands of the photographer. Since they have experience, they will use the best poses that won’t create problems.

Image courtesy: Team Lokaso

13. Change in eye colour

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even though the people in it do.”

Mostly babies are born with blue/brown eyes that may change over a period of time. But you will definitely want to capture these innocent eyes. Therefore, during baby photo shoots, close-up shots are mostly preferred by photographers.

Image courtesy: metroparents.com

14. Music can make babies ‘Rock n Roll’

Your baby knows your taste of music and hence may naturally love the same music. During photo shoots, music can make your baby excited and vibrant that will give you real shots.

15. Babies don’t stay in one place

If your child has already learnt to crawl, it gets very difficult to demonstrate the poses you have in mind. So let them move about for a while till they are tired and want to rest back.

Image courtesy: Team Lokaso

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