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Rental Cars in Goa : What you need to know

Rental cars in Goa are all about traveling to places within, you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Be it the beach, the ghats or the upbeat neighborhoods. And despite what anyone might say about the states small size, traveling only by foot will take you years. Renting a car is a great way to experience Goa on the go. Especially when traveling with family and friends. Little kids can be a particular headache if you don’t have a good rental car in Goa ready.

Here’s everything you need to know about renting a car in Goa and everything you ought to remember after you’ve rented one.


Rental Cars in Goa: Prerequisites

If you are an Indian who already holds an LMV drivers license. Then you have nothing to worry about. You are eligible to drive anywhere. However, if you are not an Indian citizen then you will need to have an international drivers license. The details for getting one are different for each country. So consult your country’s tourism website at least 3 months before you head out. Usually, having a general drivers license is a must when trying to apply for an International drivers license.

Keep in mind that India uses the left-hand drive, so you’ll need to get used to it and pass a test first.


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Image courtesy : DMV

Rental Cars in Goa: Paperwork

So you’ve finally gotten yourself a rental car in Goa (they come with black number plates with yellow fonts). Well, now you almost have a 90% guarantee that a cop WILL stop you. Regardless of whether you were driving in Goa safe or not.

Most of the drunk and driving cases in Goa happen due to tourists, so the traffic police might stop anyone driving a rented vehicle just to play it safe. When driving in Goa always carry all your necessary documents including the paperwork for the rented vehicle. It’ll save you a lot of trouble.

rental cars in Goa - car rentals in Goa - Goa car rentals - Goa road trip - driving in goa

Image courtesy : Wikimedia

Rental Cars in Goa: Avoiding the rental mafias

There have been frequent cases of mafias controlling car rentals in Goa. These con artists threaten customers and ask them to pay heavy fines for seemingly mundane things. It is highly recommended that you avoid any shady looking car rentals. Especially if they have deals too good to be true. Instead, check out the official Goa Tourism affiliated car rentals. These are legit businesses with fixed government rates.


Rental Cars in Goa: Staying in Goa

Rental cars usually do not have permits to leave the state. So don’t try doing so, you will be stopped at the border. A lot of car rentals also have GPS installed in their cars, so if you try to leave then you’ll be heavily fined. Special car rentals are available for neighboring states, so ask first if you need to road trip.


Car rentals in Goa: Choosing the right car and price

Choosing the right car is important when renting a car in Goa. This is because the prices vary according to the car. For most situations, a four-seater car is ideal. Try to avoid sedans as they are a hassle for parking. For more than 5 people, an SUV is a good choice. You will be required to pay for your own fuel so be sure to check the mileage and other details about the car beforehand. If the car breaks down, do not attempt to repair it yourself, call up the car rental and discuss details.

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Image courtesy: CarDekho


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