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Family Photoshoot in Goa – ‘What did the photographer do when Aanya kept sleeping during the photoshoot…

Family photoshoot are the best to be captured while you stay in South Goa. Not just the ambience but the scenic beauty too is a perfect backdrop choice for having some really perfect clicks. These experts bring out the best in you and highlight moments that are the most memorable. Similarly, we had a family who visited Goa in March and were delighted to capture memories with their daughter.

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… When Powlami and Malay were married, Goa had made their honeymoon trip a beautifully romantic destination that helped them kick start a new beginning. Later, choosing Goa as a family trip destination and for a Family photoshoot had to be a big YES! Because if not Goa, then where else?

“Goa has always been that one tourist spot in India that cannot seem to be resisted. Besides that, it was our first trip with our baby daughter to Goa, and since it was in March and the COVID situation was much better, we were automatically pulled towards the beauty to choose Goa as our trip destination.” – Malay

Originally from Bengal, Powlami and Malay love beaches that allure you to jump into the sea and feel soothed with the waves. That’s the sole reason most people visit the land. 

The younger one, Aanya was a little afraid at the sea. But probably the Goan vibe helped her enjoy the tides to an extent that she had to be carried out of sea. 😅

The best thing they loved about Lokaso…

“We planned a sunset Family photoshoot to capture the beauty in Goa, but Aanya was sleeping while the photographer was all set. However, Instead of being mad at us due to delay in timings, Rajendra the photographer, was brilliantly patient during every bit of the shoot. He waited for us to be ready and comfortable – without which he wouldn’t begin the shoot, even if it took an extra hour. Patience is their key to being a successful photography team in Goa”

Their message for all…

“Honestly, South Goa is a true gold amongst the ash… The north is of course beautiful but South Goa is peaceful, and that’s the most needed especially during a chaotic pandemic. Therefore, we suggest you choose South Goa if you are looking for a calm yet energetic trip. Above all, Lokaso should be your priority since the team is an amazing one. They’ve got a whole lot of professional enthusiasts ready to adjust according to your convenience!!!” – Powlami

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