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How to hire the best professional photographer in Goa.

A good photographer can be the difference between an occasion you’ll remember fondly for the rest of your life, or you won’t. So it makes sense that you look for only the best at your disposal. Finding the right photographer can be a difficult choice with so many options available these days. Here are some tips for choosing the best photographer for your special occasion.

4. Look for a strong portfolio

As you look at the photographer’s portfolio on their professional website, do their images demonstrate creativity? Is there a variety of genres and kinds of images, or does it look like they keep changing it? How do they make the subject stand out? 

Do they have a large enough body of work? Do they have too many images?

If they don’t have enough images, they might not have enough experience. If they have too many images, they don’t understand how to select images with an editorial sense.

3. Don’t rely on just the top 10 searches on Google 

If you plan of finding a good photographer online,  go up to the 4th-5th page. And see the works of many photographers. The reason for this strictly flows from your intent at hiring a good artist who has an eye for this art and who fits your budget. A good marketer or a good SEO expert may not always make a good photographer for your special occasion.

2. Compare the Cost

Price for the photo-shoot depends on different things. Get at least 3 to 4 estimates from different photographers and compare them according to their specialities. Also, take into account the hidden charges that may exceed your budget later. The photographer may not include the cost of CD/flash drive, prints, editing, or other extras so it is better to ask about it in advance.

The budget is mostly decided by considering the following points:

  • Time
  • Event type
  • Staff required
  • Equipment 

1. Be on the lookout for a professional photographer

A true professional will have a backup camera. They’ll always be able to get the job done, even if their main rig fails. They’ll have extra lenses, extra batteries, extra memory cards, etc. as well.

A good professional photographer will also often have an assistant. Carrying things and holding things is not the client’s job. Creating quality images is hard work. It takes a team effort.

Need a profesisonal photographer for your special occasion? Hit us up and we’ll sort you with the best.

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