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Best props to use for your next couple photoshoot in Goa!

Goa can be an extremely romantic place. Especially when it comes to photographs. So why not try out something than the usual iconic beach photoshoot. Try something unique – using props of course. Here are 5 crazy props you can use to bring a whole new vibe to your next couple photoshoot in Goa. 

5.Vintage Vehicles 

Nothing quite screams aesthetic like vintage vehicles. A colourful bicycle or an old-fashioned Ambassador painted in bright colours can do wonders to your pre-wedding shoots. With a bit more imagination, you can give quirky poses and make the photos look even more vivacious. Bullock carts, rickshaws, retro cars etc also can add much drama to your photoshoot.


Can there be anything cuter than a puppy? Only you two together perhaps đŸ˜›

Get yourself a furry friend to pose in your couple photoshoot in Goa. Pets can be great posers. Dress them up, play and have fun together and your couple photoshoot in Goa will be filled with pure joy and love.

3. Hearts

Ah yes, Hearts. A timeless classic. Somehow, they are still great props that’ll make your couple photoshoot in Goa a lovey affair. We have come across many photoshoots which were made extremely vivid with some good ol’ hearts! Select your favourite set of hearts and wait for the magic. Perhaps even do your photoshoot in the brightly lit streets of Fontainhas. 

2. Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights are another timeless photoshoot classic. And they have been a significant pre-wedding shoot prop for many years now. They symbolize the light of the two souls. They even make a romantic glance between the couple look exotic. Perhaps have your couple photoshoot in Goa using a bunch of fairy lights!

1.Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs are the latest trend when it comes to couple photoshoots. Smoke bombs give out gorgeous swirls of colour making your photoshoots magical. And couples these days are absolutely loving this new trend in shoots hence it has become a must-have prop in every couple photoshoot. 

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