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Mopa Airport : The new airport in Goa

India is set to be the largest aviation market in the world in another 10 years. And at its forefront is Goa, So it only makes sense for Goa to keep up with its current pace of growth and booming tourism. Alongside the added bonus of newly created job opportunities. Mopa airport is Goa’s new airport and is set to be India’s second biggest airport. Second only to IGI airport in Delhi. With the recently constructed Dabolim airport being just a few years old. Mopa airport has received quite a bit of criticism and opposition.


Nevertheless, the future seems bright for Goa. And if all goes well, Mopa Airport will be Goa’s newest airport by 2020.


Mopa Airport: Mopa

Mopa is a beautiful village situated in Goa’s north most taluka – Pernem. It lies to the east of Tamboxem. Mopa is well known for its crops such as groundnut, rice grows, finger millets. The place also has quite a number of hill-hidden springs. Mopa, and Pernem in general for the most part. Has remained pretty isolated for quite a long time. So a new airport will be quite a drastic change indeed. A big issue with building a new airport here is the distance and time it takes to reach any other city by road.  

mopa airport - mopa airport in goa - new airport in goa



Finances for Mopa Airport: The new airport in Goa

In 2016, the Government of Goa floated a tender for the Goa Mopa Airport project. With an estimated cost of $550 million, the development of Mopa airport is based on a public-private partnership. The private sector of which has been given out to GMR group. The opening of Mopa Airport will not force the closure of the existing Dabolim Airport in Goa.

The state’s contribution has so far been restricted to providing land for the project. Nearly 1500 acres of which has been acquired for the new airport in Goa.


mopa airport - mopa airport in goa - new airport in goa

Image courtesy : its Goa


Mopa Airport: What to expect

The airport is expected to be in operation by Sep 2020 or earlier with a single runway to start with which is about 3.75 Km in length, initially. Also included at the new Goa airport will be.


  • Integrated Passenger Terminal Building
  • Runway, Taxiways, Rapid Exit ways
  • Air-traffic control and meteorological facilities
  • Cargo terminal and ancillary facilities for processing and storage;
  • Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting facilities
  • Infrastructure for Aircraft Fuelling Services
  • Reserved Services
  • Emergency services
  • Flight catering services
  • Vehicle parking


Mopa Airport Terminal

Mopa Airport is expected to host quite an impressive terminal. It will extend over an area of 700,000ft² and will offer the capacity to process approximately 1,000 inbound and outbound passengers an hour during peak hours. Mopa airports terminal is also set to house a massive plethora of businesses including plans for even a Starbucks. Only time will tell what Goa’s new airport holds.


mopa airport - mopa airport in goa - new airport in goa

Image courtesy : Zee


Mopa Airport: Conclusion

So the bottom line is, does Goa really need Mopa airport? For the time being, not really. The current newly built Dabolim airport is more than capable of easily handling traffic for another decade or so. However, Mopa airport is more of an investment for the future. Tourism in Goa is expected to rech 10 million by 2035. So it’s wise to start developing an airport from the ground up well in advance. Sure it may be pretty empty during the initial few years, But it’ll serve a key role in maintaining Goa’s massive tourism sector for a good 50 years at least. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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