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Top 7 Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot ideas for your babymoon in Goa!

Goa has always been the best destination for an all-rounder experience! And if you’ve planned on taking your babymoon in Goa, then be rest assured that you can definitely get an experience fully pampered. Even our photographers delicately guide the to-be parents into candid poses. To help your maternity photoshoot come to life, we’ve covered several ideas you could pick! Check them out!

7. Amidst the green, lonely roads

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot 

Goa is blessed to have lush greens in every direction you head to. Popularly known for the palm trees, Goa’s quiet roads will give you a great backdrop for your maternity photoshoot. Parra Road is one such place which is known to have many visitors who come specially for Goa photoshoots. Check out for similar places that could help you save and set your photoshoot amidst the greens away from the city! 

6. Dive in the pool and show off your baby bump!

Underwater photoshoots could be another astonishing idea to click your maternity photographs. You need not worry about safety. Just choose the right Goa Photographer who will delicately guide you into achieving perfect shots. 

5. Try out a Maternity Photoshoot on a Yacht in Goa!

The deep sea always has a story to tell. The calm waves soothe your mind and could be used as a great getaway when in need of peace and solace. Hence, you could bring out this peaceful serenity in your maternity photoshoot by booking a Goa Yacht and letting your babymoon be captured under the natural hues. 

4. Fontainhas Street – The Best of them all!

Image Courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

Fontainhas is that one street of Goa that carefully preserves its history through the Latin quarters. Painted in hues of yellow, green, red and blue, these Latin quarters have artistic doors, windows and balconies that look great on photoshoots. Most people opt this location during their Goa photoshoots, and hence it might be occupied especially during weekends. Hence, if you’ve gotten your eyes on this place too, then pick a day like the lazy Monday😉

3. Show off your baby bump under the setting sun! 

A maternity photoshoot in Goa is incomplete without a sunset photoshoot. There’s nothing else that could beat the picturesque sunset colours in the sky as your backdrop! Hence, check out sunset points like Palolem and Vagator where you could experience some of the best clicks. Silhouette photography is the best to expect during your maternity photoshoot! 

2. Pose right in the fields!

Luckily for those mothers who love being amidst nature, Goa has got several fields that could be a quiet place to shoot. But of course one will need to take precautions from critters especially in a cultivated field. Fields that have just dried grass are comparatively safer and will still give pretty pictures. You could ask your photographer for some tips in choosing the ideal field for your Maternity photoshoot. 

1. Explore the Churches of Goa! 

If you experience an itchy feet to explore picturesque places even during pregnancy, then don’t take much trouble but halt at any historical church of Goa – all of which will bring a smile to your face and leave you in awe! Hence check out the best Goa churches and take a quick pick! 

Hope you liked our Maternity photoshoot ideas in Goa! And if you’re Planning on a babymoon to Goa, Contact Lokaso to Book your Maternity Photoshoot now! 

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