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Top 5 Architectural Sites For Your Next Photoshoot In Goa!

The view of today’s scenic beauty in Goa, definitely has its roots with the Portuguese rule. Their immense contribution to the architectural sphere of Goa, is one of the reasons to make Goa a unique and popular state of India. Therefore, if you are on a honeymoon trip or rather a vacation at this mystic piece of land, then you just cannot resist capturing moments under these pleasing heritage structure. Hence, An architectural photoshoot in the famous sites of Goa is a must to be acquainted with, so that your photoshoot turns out to be really ancestral.

5. Church of St. Cajetan, Old Goa

Image Courtesy:  It’s Goa

Also known as the church of Divine Providence, the church of St. Cajetan is undeniably one of the best architectural site one could find in Goa. The church consists of a large dome, inscribed within it the gospel of Matthew. Furthermore, this splendid beauty encompasses 7 altars and the Corinthian architectural style, which makes the church one of the best picture perfect sites for your next Goa photoshoot. 

4. Palacio De Deao

Image Courtesy: Destimap

The entrance itself gives a grand entry right into the ancestral home of Palacio De Deao. One will truly find themselves entering a rich palace amidst the European remains of Goa. It was first built by Jose Paulo, the founder of the land of Quepem. Jose, being the dean of the Church during his time, built the house facing the church and on the banks of the famous Kushavati river. Besides photoshoot, it’s a place to sneak peek into Goa’s ancestry and feel the Susegado vibe over the pleasurable gardens. 

3. Fort Tiracol

Image Courtesy: Booking.com

This is the only fort one will find in Goa, which is converted into a heritage hotel. It’s vicinity is marvellous and the construction also reminds you of several victories and defeats too. However, the best part of having a photoshoot on this architectural place is that you can have a stay in the resort, alongside you can calmly enjoy a shoot under this beautiful fortress. There’s no need to overthink about your Goa photoshoot destination, since Fort Tiracol is a site to capture several memories that provides you with the ancestral beauty. 

2. Braganza House, Chandor

Image Courtesy: The Wanderer

The Menezes Braganza house is one of the biggest Portuguese mansions in Goa, which is approximately built within 10, 000 square meters. It is a restored mansion, and is divided into the eastern and western wing. Preserving antique show pieces in every room, reminds each one of us, about the victorious rule of the Portuguese troupes. Similarly, the ballroom too is a jaw-dropping view that cannot get off your eyes. It’s a huge palace, with enchanting chandeliers, one would otherwise dream about.

… Do not forget to closely view the African coconut that still shines in their home

1. Fontainhas Street, Panjim

Image courtesy: Go Goa Travel Magazine

This site is something that ought to be on your architectural photoshoot location list. One of the liveliest areas that can give you a chill pill amidst the enchanting architecture of Goa, is the Fontainhas street. Once you are here, you’ll find yourself carefully winding around the picturesque view of these narrow streets. The houses are beautifully maintained, portraying the indo-Portuguese housing style, with those long traditional balcào. 

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