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Goa : The best romantic place in India

The recipe for a wonderful holiday in India consists of three main directions: relaxing, adventure and sightseeing. Depending on personal preferences, a couple can choose one direction and concentrate on it or combine all three of them.

India is a combination of diverse nature, architectural monuments from centuries of history. Choosing India for a romantic tour, you can go on an incredible journey, during which you forget about the pressing problems and experiences. The first thing after arriving in this country is to get acquainted with Ayurvedic procedures. They are based on massage with the use of various oils and powders, which promote rejuvenation, sedation and considered to be the prevention of various diseases.

India attracts a loving couple with its warm climate and opportunities to soak up the coast of the Indian Ocean. The best place for dating in the country is the state of Goa. Arriving in India, no couple will miss the opportunity to make a photo on the background of the famous Taj Mahal, which is considered a modern symbol of the devotion and love of the couple.

Goa is one of the most comfortable holiday destinations in India. The streets are not as lively and crowded here as in large cities. Everything seems to be pierced with peace and quiet. It will be very pleasant for those who want to escape from metropolises, noisy cities and people, to relax from the hustle of the modern world.

The average temperature varies from 23 to 33 degrees.The water is always warm and not very salty. The hottest period lasts from April to July, and the coolest one from November to February.A distinctive feature of Goa from the other parts of the state are beaches stretching for many kilometers. Pure white sand, high-class hotels, located a short distance from each other, clear sea water, palm groves -all this creates an excellent picture of completion.

The south of the state is especially popular among the tourists with children, since the reserve of Cotigao is situated here. Rising to the observation tower  you can see the pristine nature of the jungle and its wild inhabitants – deer, buffalo, jackals, sambar and other fauna. Children leave the reserve with a lot of positive emotions.

Between  border of the South Goa and the Betul beach, you can take a fascinating walk through untouched by civilization sites. The wild beach “Palolem” will open a fantastic picture before you, especially during sunset. It is called “Paradise Beach”. This place is especially popular among loving couples.

South Goa is a unique place, with its extraordinary atmosphere,where everything looks bright and contrast.


Interesting facts about GOA from ru-brides.com


Many believe that GOA is a very expensive resort, but this opinion is mistaken. Rest in GOA can be spent for  1000 $.


The GOA has a rich excursion program. Excursions last about 4 hours.


The beach season lasts all 365 days a year.


The bungalow does not provide a comfortable rest, since the walls are made of bamboo, so there are many insects in the room. If you are planning a romantic holiday, a bungalow  will not be suitable for this purpose .


It is allowed to use the scooter for safe movement. It can be rented.


You can listen to music up to 22 hours.


Wednesday is a day of shopping. On this day in Anjuna, the Flea Market attracts tourists from all over the state.


“Holi” is a wonderful holiday which is held in March. All inhabitants of Goa resemble a palette for paints on this day .


Do not be afraid of getting sick with malaria in GOA. This disease is rare here.


All in all, Goa is a real pearl of India. It has become a famous resort. But there was a time when its lands did not know the feet of tourists.


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