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Top 5 astonishing hill stations to visit during your trip to Goa!

Although Goa is a home to numerous beaches with a mesmerizing ambience, its borders too have similar picturesque sceneries. Goa is surrounded by a few breath-taking hill stations one would want to visit during their Goa trip. These hill stations drop to a chilling temperature during the winters, giving you a refreshing yet cosy winter to experience. Hence, check out the list of hill stations around Goa you must visit! 

5. Dandeli hill station 

This alluring hill station is located between Goa-Karnataka border. If you are an adventure freak then this place fits right for you as it offers numerous adventurous activities to do. River rafting in Kali river and jungle safari in Karnataka’s second largest wildlife sanctuary are key attractions for thrill seekers. Besides these, Dandeli hill offers scenic views of the Sathodi and Magod falls with a touch of nature’s ambience. 

Best time to visit – October to April 

4. Chorla ghat 

Vagheri Hill, at Chorla Ghats

Lying at the border of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka, the Chorla ghat is an amazing place for a peaceful getaway with a dash of romance and for all those friend circles wanting to escape their hectic lifestyle for a few moments in life. Not just that, this place also gives a sneak peek into the uncommon biodiversity of the region which is a home to many endangered species of wildlife and lush green forests with rare flora. 

Image of Vajra Falls

Things to do at Chorla Ghat

  1. Trekking through the dense forest – explore the mhadei wildlife sanctuary.
  2. Visit the Twin Vajra falls 
  3. Visit Lasni tomb peak.

For a thrilling experience one should visit this hill station during the monsoons. It’s approximately 70 kilometers away from Goa. After your tour at the hill station, visit Goa and experience its rhythmic monsoons. 

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3. Dapoli hill station

Dapoli hill station is a suitable getaway for nature lovers. Located approximately 120 kms away from Goa, it’s known for nature-gazing, wildlife gazing and camping. You can also go for river rafting at Kali river, which is considered as one of the longest rivers of Goa. Besides these adventurous activities, Dapoli Hillstation is popular for its architectural forts, temples and historical caves too which draw hundreds of tourists all round the year.

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2. Amboli Ghat

One of the most visited hill stations around Goa is the Amboli Ghat. The serene beauty and peaceful ambience at the Amboli Ghat, makes it one of the most visited hill stations around Goa. Other than the thrilling adventure activities, there are many more attractions here like the Amboli Falls that captures picturesque beauty, Niagara falls, Shirgaonkar point and Madhavgad fort. 

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1. Nersa hill station

This uncommon and less visited hill station is a secret jewel situated approximately 80 kms from Goa. Because it remains unknown to the wider crowd of tourists, the place remains beautiful with its own charm. You are suggested to indulge in a road trip with your friends to this hill station because you will get the opportunity to witness heavenly beauty through the dense forests and the varied species of birds.

Major Attractions of Nersa Hill Station

  1. Mahadai Valley is a home to endangered species of birds and animals.
  2. Kongla 
  3. Jamgaon treks

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