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What To Shop In Goa And Where To Get Them

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One can get a wide and extensive selection of consumer goods to shop in Goa at reasonable prices, all year round. But before you head out on a shopping spree in Goa, here’s a word of advice for you. Bargaining is commonplace here. Hence it is better to sharpen your negotiating skills or take a trusted local along with you to seal the deal at best places. If done right, you can expect to get at least a 10% discount when purchasing from vendors at local markets. 

Without much ado, here’s a list of 10 must-buys that has to be on your shopping checklist when in Goa:

10. Cashew nuts

Goa is one of the best cities in India to buy cashews. You can get them in almost every flavour, be it salted, colored or freshly shelled Cashews; You name it and Goa has it! One would suggest to buy these in bulk and carry with you as you might not get better cashews anywhere else. So keep some space in your bag, or carry an extra one to take some fresh, locally grown cashew nuts. 

Did You Know?  While the cashew plant is native to northeast Brazil, the Portuguese brought it to Goa, between 1560 and 1565, to prevent soil erosion. From here it spread throughout Southeast Asia and eventually Africa.

Where to Buy:  If you’re looking for fresh and raw cashews with skin then head over to the local markets at Panjim, Mapusa or Margao. You can bargain your heart out here 😉

But if you’re looking to gift quality cashews which are roasted, spiced and  flavoured, We would strongly recommend checking out goadryfruits.com

Variety of Cashewnuts Fresh from the factoryCourtesy: Archana (YenForBlue)


9. Pottery in Goa

Indian culture is all about its millennia old love for handcrafted pottery. From the starting material to the final strokes of a brush. Everything made by human hands with the highest degree of precision.

And finally, the colours and textures being far more intricate than anything a machine can ever produce. With each work of art being ever so slightly different than the other. What else could possibly be a better souvenir option for friends and family back home?


Where to Buy: Terravida is a premium boutiqe ceramic and pottery company based in Goa. All their products are created by teams of experienced artisans from the local community.

Image courtesy : Terravida

8. Trance & Portuguese Music CDs

The first thing that might come to your mind after reading the word ‘CDs’ will be why a CD in modern days and why buy it here when you can order them online. But here’s what you totally missed! Anjuna in Goa is the birthplace of Goa trance, the most psychedelic variety of electronic music. Hence, you can buy this music at just around Rs.100-150 per CD while it’s 6$ or more when you go to buy online.

Now going back to the question of ‘Why a CD’. Be it trance or the Portuguese Fado, you will find an ocean of music tracks and remixes online but they won’t ever match the original ones recorded by the street artists and musicians here. 

Where to Buy: Anjuna and Around for Trance; Music Stores in Panjim for Portuguese and Konkani Music CDs & DVDs.

Goa Trance CDs in Anjuna Goa

Courtesy: Lonely Planet

7. Handicrafts

Artisans from various remote villages can be seen crafting and selling beautiful traditional items as a means of livelihood in Goa. You can shop a range of coir products right from the specially knotted mats and hand-made hats to masks and crafts made out of coconut shells and husks. Not to miss the famous sea shell jewellery and artifacts which are a rage in Goa. 

Where to Buy: GHRSSIDC Arts complex in Rua De Ourem, Panjim is the best place to find all the locally made handicrafts at one place.

Apart from this, Goa’s Handicrafts Emporia are also there at almost every city in Goa. This initiative by Goa Govt. is aimed towards the betterment of local artisans in and around Goa. 

Sea Shell Handicrafts - What to Shop in Gpa

Courtesy: Camelcraft

6. Goan Spices 

When anyone thinks of buying spices, they think of Kerala but it is not the only place to get the spices. From Fresh, Aromatic bags of spices to powders and masala pastes, you can find almost everything in here. All you need to know is the right place to buy them at right prices. And that’s why we are here! 😉  

Where to Buy: Mapusa Market (Preferably the Weekly Market on Fridays), Anjuna Flea Markets or Spice Plantation in Ponda (Optional – Guided Tour through the Spice Farms)

Fresh Goan Spices - What to Shop in Goa

Courtesy: Christine Gilbert

Goan Spices Masalas & Pickles - What to Shop in Goa

Courtesy: GoanImports

5. Hippie Clothing & Boho Accesories

Bohemian Skirts, harem pants, tribal wear, lilac flares. Do these words ring a bell to you? Yes, these are some of the most popular trends in Goa which were started by the hippie themselves back in 90s. Not only do these make you look cool but they are also the most comfortable clothing to be in. 

Back in time, the nomads or free spirits came together and traded their belongings: clothes, jewels, guitars, whatever they had to stay in Goa just a little longer. And friends, that is how Flea Markets came into existence in Goa. You can find A-Z of handmade clothing, antique jewelry, bags and trinkets at these places. Something you should not miss at any cost when you are here in Goa. 

Where to Buy: Anjuna Flea Market on Wednesdays, also called as the queen of hippie flea markets. There are some more weekly flea markets that draw a lot of attention in Goa. Check them out here.


Anjuna Flea Market Goa - What To Shop in Goa

Courtesy: Goa.me

4. Mario Miranda Souvenirs

One of the greatest cartoonists from Indian History, Mario Miranda, was based in Goa. He is best remembered for his paintings and caricatures that captures the spirit of Goa like none other. So drop by any of the exclusive Mario Miranda Galleries and carry the essence of Goa back with you by getting souvenirs with Mario’s prints on it. You can get your daily dose of Goa from these small keepsakes and wearables for sure <3

Where to Buy: Mario Miranda Galleries at 4 locations across Goa:

  • Panjim – Near Hindu Pharmacy, Below Aroma Hotel, Duarte Pacheco Road  | Ph: 0832 242 1776
  • Porvorim – H.No. 674 Torda, Salvador do Mundo, Bardez  | Ph: 0832 241 0711
  • Calangute – Pedru Martina, Opposite Toto’s Bar & Retaurant, Gauro Vaddo, Calangute  | Ph: 0832 652 1611
  • Margao – Raghunath Esquire, Close to Axis Bank, Pajifond, Margao  | Ph: 98813 61905
Printed Cutlery at Mario Miranda Gallery Panjjim - What to shop n Goa

Courtesy: Goa.me

3. Goan Sausages (Chouriço)

Goan Pork sausages, better known as chouriço, are an indigenous preparation first introduced in Goa by the Portuguese. The most popular dishes that are made using chouriço are the Choris Pao and Choris Pulao, which are an absolute hit among the Catholic population in Goa.

Where to Buy:  Mapusa and Margao Markets are the best places to get them.

Special Mention: If you’re looking for unique smokey flavoured sausages then head to Agacaim-Goa Velha. Antonia Da Silva from Velha Goa is one of the most famous sausage makers there. While most dry the sausages in the Sun, he has a dedicated space to smoke the cured sausages with special wood chips for 2 long days. End result is some very delicious sausages that go kaboom in your mouth. 😛

For those who missed buying it the last time: You can now buy them online from Pedro Pao, a small Goa-based e-biz which delivers homemade chorizo and other Goan delicacies at your doorstep.  

Goan Sausages Sold at Mapusa Market - What to Shop in Goa

Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

2. Azulejo – Painted Tiles

is a form of Portuguese painted, tin-glazed ceramic tilework. You can see Azulejos used on the interior and exteriors of numerous churches, Portuguese houses, markets and Railway Station in Goa. They were not only used as an ornamental art form, but also had a specific functional capacity like temperature control in homes. Till today, its production is still being continued in Goa. 

Where to Buy: Panjim is the best place to buy Azulejos in Goa. Find them here:

  • Galeria Azulejos De Goa – Opp. Club National, Next to Sales Tax Office, Panjim | Ph: 9822976867
  • De Goa Ceramics – Almeida Ville, off Braganza Pereira Road, St. Inez, Panjim | Ph: 0832 2420812 
  • Velha Goa Galleria – House No. 191 Rua de Ourem, Fontainhas, Panjim | Ph: 0832 2426628
  • Barefoot – House No. 1/26, 31st January Road, Panjim | Ph: 997 0939277

For tiles with Mario Miranda prints, visit any of the outlets mentioned in the Point #4

Portuguese Azulejo Tiles in Goa

Courtesy: Mid-day

Azulejo Painted Tiles - What To Shop in Goa

Courtesy: Fabulous Mom Life

1. Feni & Goan Port Wine

Goan feni is of two types – Cashew feni and Coconut feni. Cashew fruit is crushed and the juice is distilled to produce cashew feni. Whereas coconut feni is made with the toddy collected from the tree’s bark by toddy tappers. Feni is sharp in taste, with a strong and distinct aroma. Some like it and some may not. So it is advisable to try them as a cocktails for better taste. 

Port wine was first brought to Goa by the Portuguese in the 16th century. It is a silky wine in dry, semi-dry and sweet varieties both as table and fortified wines. It is often served at Goan banquets and other functions.

Feni and Portwine are two definite things which most of the tourists buy from Goa every time they visit the place. So make sure you buy it locally from here to get them at better rates than buy online. It does make a lot of difference 😉

Where to Buy: Panjim

Most of the Cashew/Dry fruits shop as well as the wine shops have them. Do some background research on the brands and the flavours or variants and buy one that matches your taste. 

Goan Feni

Courtesy: Media India Group

These were some of the best things to shop from Goa. Other than that, you can also pick a few trendy bags, flip-flops, Tibetan folkwear etc. as you walk through the various flea markets in Goa

Discover many more local tips to Shop in Goa on Lokaso Android App. Press the button below and start exploring. 

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