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7 things you didn’t know about Goa State Central Library

Whether you were a childhood bookworm or one of the kids who only set foot in the library to use the bathroom. You have to admit that libraries are some of the most peaceful places to be.

Goa has a great selection of libraries and bookstores, but there is one that truly stands out of the crowd. One of the most peaceful things to do in Goa is to visit the newly renovated State Central Library in Panjim. From a legacy of Portuguese design to a sleek, modern space, Here are 7 things we bet you didn’t know about our very own State Central Library.


7. It’s older than your great grandparents.

Image courtesy : Scoonews (circa 1914)

Image courtesy : Scoonews (circa 1914)

You probably knew it was old. But did you know it’s that old? The State Central Library is the oldest Public Library in India. Established on 15th September 1832, the ‘Publica Livraria’ (as it was originally named) opened its doors to the public with hundreds of thousands books and academic papers in Portuguese, French, Spanish, Latin and English.



6. It’s home to the first issue of the oldest Goan newspaper.

oldest newspaper

Image courtesy : Wikipedia

In Goa, everyone and their neighbor’s pet goldfish knows about O Heraldo. But for the rest of you who don’t know, O Heraldo is the longest-running and still one of the most popular newspapers in Goa.

It’s no surprise that this piece of Goan history deserves a place of its own. And where better to keep it than the state Library. It’s a miracle that this 100+ year old newspaper survived this long. Be sure to catch a glimpse of it before it disintegrates to dust.



5. A lifetime membership costs less than your lunch


Credits: Gsidc

Credits: Gsidc

You read that right. For the low costs of 200 bucks you can borrow 1 book (at a time) per week for the rest of your life. They also have a Rs 750 membership with which you can borrow 3 books and 3 magazines. Reading books in the fully air conditioned comfy library is completely free for anyone and everyone.



4.  The library has a dedicated braille section


Goa Central Library

Image courtesy : centrallibrary.goa.gov.in

The Goa State Central Library was built with one mantra in mind. ‘For anyone and everyone’. And boy have they taken it seriously. With a massive collection of books and other literature published entirely in braille, no one gets left out. New publications in braille are added every day.



3. There is a floor for everything

Goa Central Library

Image courtesy : https://centrallibrary.goa.gov.in/

Novela? Academia? Rare books? Whatever be your taste, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll be somewhere in here. The beautiful sculptures and the gorgeous high glass ceiling really adds for an experience like no other. There’s even a Portuguese section for the more curious of you lot.



2. The oldest book in the State library is 500+ years old


Rubricx Codics

The Rubricx Codics is a book on Roman Law written somewhere in the 15th Century. It was brought (along with others) to the original library by the Portuguese to its various colonies in order to preserve them in case they got involved in WW2. Unfortunately (or should we say fortunately?) it was forgotten in all the chaos and finally recovered in the 1980’s.


It now spends the remainder of its days in the Goa Central State Library.They also have a dedicated section that houses some of the rarest books about the history of Goa and of India too. Be sure to take a look.



1. They have an entire floor dedicated for kids

Kids these days can be really annoying. Fortunately the Goa State library has around 22848 book which includes encyclopaedias, fairy tales, folk tales and on subjects related to studies to encourage young minds to indulge in reading habits at very young age.

Image courtesy : https://centrallibrary.goa.gov.in/

Image courtesy : https://centrallibrary.goa.gov.in/

Kids don’t share your enthusiasm for reading peacefully? The floor is also full of toys teddy bears and games so you can read in peace.



What better place to get some inspiration than this thought provoking Mecca. Be sure to not miss out on our lokaso app in the play store for the Goan feed everyone needs.  

Featured Image Credits- Goa Prism

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