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5 Best hotels for couple photoshoot in Goa!

A photoshoot in the dreamy Goan ambience is always a perfect destination choice for all the lovey-dovey couples. Whether you want to photograph playful days, have a photoshoot of your own fashion style or simply capture romantic moments with the undeniable chemistry between you and your partner, the sandy shores will bring all those moments to life with its beauty. Hence, you ought to pick beachfront hotels that provide great amenities, excellent hospitality and picturesque backdrop for your couple photoshoot.

5. Taj Holiday Village – A Classy resort!

Image Courtesy: Team Lokaso

Taj Holiday Village indeed gives you an ancestral Portugal feel through their splendid architecture. This Goan paradise nourishes you with the most delicious kinds of foods, especially the Thai Lunch at Banyan Tree, to soothe your taste buds within its enormous vicinity. The beachfront view encapsulates the scenic beauty of Goa making the hotel perfect for a romantic couple photoshoot. 

4. W Goa – Find peaceful solace amidst nature!

Image courtesy: Team Lokaso

“Escape to the edge of Goa and stay at W Goa!”

You ought to consider this one if you prefer a photoshoot that captures the blazing winter sunset. The mesmerising tropical gardens surrounding the pool will soothe your mind to delve into a romantic couple photoshoot at the perfect Goa hotel. The artistic sculptures and brilliantly carved interior décor represents several features of Goa’s history. Thereby, creating ideal photoshoot spots.

3. Royal Orchid Beach Resort and Spa

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The Royal Orchid Resort is widely considered as a romantic hotel especially for couples on their honeymoon trip in goa. The deluxe suites, festive environment and the comfort of the luxurious rooms will provide you with a fresh morning to be all set for your scheduled couple photoshoot at the Royal Orchid hotel. Photographic companies love these kinds of resorts that provide a sense of royalty in every pixel of the photographs. 

2. Zuri White Sands – An enthralling Goan authenticity!

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May it be a vacation with loved ones, a business trip or a getaway purely meant for your romantic life, Zuri White Sands Resort is considered as one of the best beach hotels in Goa especially for a couple photoshoot, simply because of their overwhelming love, hospitality, amenities and mystic heritage. The serene beachfront provides you with privacy and solitude which is a requirement during your Goa trip. And if you are a honeymoon couple, waiting to dive into the authentic Goan culture, then you just cannot cross out booking your room in this resort. Every step you take within its vicinity, the Goan culture is embalmed and cherished on every glance. 

1. The Leela – A palace amidst the sea and the river!

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The Leela has built its hotels within the lush greens and amidst the scenic beauty of the Arabian Sea, flawless enough to get the best photographs in your couple photoshoot. The team provides you with an excellent staff and a calm ambience that makes it a world-class experience. The river on one side and the Arabian sea on the other creates endless potential for your photographs. 

These beachfront hotels are couple friendly and also are very cooperative with professional couple photoshoot. Therefore, pack your bags and set your mood to be a part of one of the most luxurious photoshoots in these scenic resorts. For further queries or to book your photoshoot with one of the best, contact us at golokaso.com 

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