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“Don’t simply sit at home, give them something at least!”

The Corona Virus has put us all under stress. If we spot someone slightly coughing, and isn’t really a COVID positive, like idiots we doubt them and become suspicious. To an extent we could also make them feel unwanted. The stress levels are seriously affecting us. Hence, let’s look at some gift ideas to make someone feel special and become stress free. 

5. Subscribe to What we all want!

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Our youngsters have a craze to get that one Netflix Subscription. But our dear parents are against this sweet little thing. How sad, isn’t it? So, you could gift parents and young adults too with this subscription so that they can spend their time entertaining themselves. Here, parents will also understand that Netflix isn’t bad, and at the same time, your friend too will enjoy her Netflix life. 

4. Use internet Mails since Pigeons Are No More Available ๐Ÿ˜

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When I was schooling, I read a story that portrayed the message of how eagerly a mother waits for her daughter’s message. They stayed in two different countries. What I’m trying to say is, post a long email that includes some emotional and also happy moments you have spent together. Express your feelings, current moods and also assure each other that everything is going to be fine. Believe it or not, the other person will definitely love to read your mail and will also feel Lucky to receive one from you. 

3. Contactless delivery- The mode to reach one’s heart

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Few Online Shopping apps like Amazon have started contactless delivery. Hence, make use of it and gift your mom, friends and relatives amazing gifts that will quiet impress them. If possible don’t forget to gift your to-be in-laws as well. Soon after the lock down they may fix your wedding date as well๐Ÿ˜.

2. Food, food and food- Who doesn’t love food?

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I mean, that’s what we just can’t stay without. Make use of the trending online ordering apps like Zomato and Swiggy and send these orders to the home of your desired person. Especially if she’s a girl, she’ll just fall in love with your idea. Also, she may send a rose as a return gift๐Ÿ˜‰. Plan successful!๐Ÿ‘

1. The best gift ever – Video Wishes

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The most favourite and trending gift idea of 2020 !

Video wishes consist of all your captured memories in the form of photos and short videos. Combining all of these will create the best gift. We all love to go back and have a look at the old times spent together. Hence, don’t waste time and try these gifts out. 

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