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Top 7 Tips for renting a car in Goa!

Looking at the rise in accident cases, especially with car rentals, the Goa government has issued a stern warning to rental agencies, probably making them feel like they’re being scolded by an exasperated parent. So, if you’re planning to dive headfirst into the chaos of Goa’s roads and need a set of wheels to navigate through the madness, fear not! Here are the top 7 tips you need to keep in mind before renting a car in this tropical paradise of Goa.

1. Cross Check your driving License!

Make sure your driving license is not just a relic from your moped days. If it’s only good for two wheels, trying to book a four-wheeler might land you in hot water. Trust me, the only kind of drive you’ll be going on is the guilt trip of being caught!

2. You might need a prior driving Experience!

Some rental agencies demand you to have more experience than a seasoned taxi driver. They want you to have a resume longer than your road trip playlist. So, be a confident driver, not someone who thinks they’re auditioning for “Fast & Furious: Goa Drift.”

3. Book your car in advance! 

Unless you’re cool with hitchhiking or getting up close and personal with the local bus schedule, it’s wise to book your wheels ahead of time. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck praying for a miracle or relying on a horse-drawn carriage to get around.

4. Driving rules and regulations!

Remember, in Goa, we drive on the left side of the road, but we always aim to be right… in following the rules, that is! If you’re not used to this setup, either get acquainted with it quickly or prepare to be the star of a roadside comedy show.

5. Varied Fuel Policies!

It’s like playing a game of roulette but with gas tanks. Some agencies fill ‘er up for you, others hand you the keys and a prayer. Make sure you know what you’re getting into, or your scenic drive might turn into a frantic search for the nearest petrol station.

6. Understand security deposits!

Consider it a down payment on your driving karma. Leave the car unscathed, and you might just get your money back. But if you’ve turned the interior into a beach party aftermath, don’t expect a refund. Also, prepare to channel your inner Cinderella because that mess ain’t cleaning itself!

7. Understand our roads!  

Image Courtesy: Times of India

Think of it as a real-life obstacle course. Puddles, potholes, and cows, oh my! Driving in Goa is like playing a game of dodgeball with roadblocks. So, buckle up, keep your eyes peeled, and pray your rental car doesn’t become a sacrifice to the Goa road gods.

Here’s a list of a few Car rentals you could contact in Goa

Hope you’re clear with the different tips to remember before booking renting a car in Goa. And if you’re planning to have a trip to Goa, do contact Lokaso Photoshoot to capture the best memories of your Goa trip! 

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