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2 cultures tied in a single knot? You definitely need a photoshoot!

After the release of the movie ‘2 States’, weddings of these kinds have seriously trended. In a conservative country like India, where we have certain moral values that need to be followed, make us think a thousand times before getting into a single bond and later preparing ourselves to face the wrath. But, if you’ve successfully convinced your families to get 2 cultures tied in a single knot and are all set to ring the wedding bells, then you must proudly celebrate. To capture these memories, you’ll need a shoot! Here’s why!

An Unusual Wedding

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It can get way too tiring to convince your parents and fix things up to get the 2 cultures tied in a single knot. A marriage between two religions, different castes, class and regions are still questionable as it is rarely accepted in our society. But rules are rules, some follow while some make their own. And if you belong to the latter pack, then your wedding is absolutely an unusual one. These moments of convincing families and standing together against all odds can be celebrated through a photoshoot. Your future little ones will have these captured moments to admire the strength of their parents.

Flaunt your new look!

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While many girls aspire to dress up like catholic women, Catholics, in turn, aspire to wear the stunning red lehenga and a Muslim mehndi design on their delicate hands to have an ethnic look. If you are planning to do so, and have a total makeover of your fashion style, then you’ll want to flaunt your new look to the world. Along with maintaining a personal album, you also need some worthy photographs to fill your social media accounts and spam your follower’s account with your desirable looks.

How opposites can be combined?

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You can bring unique combinations at your weddings. Wear your lehenga during the wedding ceremony and a white gown for your reception. You can also flaunt your varmala on your gown and suit or keep a theme saying “Let’s unite two cultures”.  How about wearing a stunning western top on a traditional patiala pant! These combinations will make your unusual wedding extraordinarily exciting.

Inspire others!

Image courtesy: Christian Wedding Photography

“If you want a change, be the change”

When you step into the extreme world, you stand a chance to inspire others. Everyone is not blessed to be courageous and make challenging decisions. Therefore, your story could inspire many other couples struggling to break their relationship barriers. Narrating your story with the help of photographs can touch the hearts of your fellow mates and help them achieve the goal that you’ve successfully achieved.

Weddings are just a reason to have photoshoots. It is a trending idea among the youth. But your wedding is unusually amazing. This calls for a shoot to let others know what you are up to!

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