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Beach photoshoot in Goa : Ideas to try out on your next vacation

A Goan beach photoshoot is a classic and timeless tradition that permanently stores your perfect vacation in Goa. Not just for you but your kids to remember too. So why let your beach photoshoot in Goa be a boring and generic one. Here are some cool photoshoot ideas that’ll add a hint of spice to your Goan beach photoshoot. 

All whites at the beach

White dresses, white polo shirts and white linen all look simple and beautiful against the colors of the sand, water and sky at the beach. This works because the bright white pops off the colorful background, serves as an added light reflector and has a clean and timeless look.

Use different textures and materials to give uniqueness to each outfit. 

Underwater Photography

Sure Goa water looks pretty on the surface. But very few have been able to grasp the absolute stunning beauty under the calm blue ocean. The absence of rapid currents in Goa makes the waters ideal for a very unique photoshoot. 

The underwater life here also adds an extra touch of ‘wow’ to any photo. There are plenty of shops nearby that rent out Scuba diving equipment for dirt cheap prices.

Reading at the beach 

If you love a little aesthetic in your photos. Then you’re gonna love this next one on your beach photoshoot in Goa. What makes this idea even better is that you can click it portrait instead of landscape. So Snapchat won’t be left out of your crazy photoshoot in Goa either. 

Image courtesy : Cremweeks

Try out the classic heart against the sunset shot

Pretty much everyone and their goldfish must’ve seen this one by now. But hey, it’s really good. Simply line up your entire family or your partner behind your hand against the sunset. It’s important to get the timing and position right though for this to work. 

Image courtesy : Pixels

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