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Vintage photos of Goa : 5 best that’ll make you all nostalgic

Known for its impossibly beautiful beaches, an unending list of fishes (we’re looking at you, bangdo and kingfish), scenic countrysides, Maria Pitache, and a culture that’s stood the test of time. Goa is no doubt, a rightfully proud state. It goes without saying that it’s cool to be Goan. The only thing cooler? The nostalgia of vintage photos of Goa. Here are 5 vintage photos of Goa that capture those special moments and things from the past that’ll make you all nostalgic.


Vintage photos of Goa: Hotel Mandovi (Circa 1954)

Anyone who’s been to Panjim simply cannot miss the gigantic ‘Mandovi’ sign that stands out from the skyline. This vintage photo of Goa depicts Hotel Mandovi during the early 1950’s in all its glory. A time-tested piece of Goan history that stands till this date. In fact, its changed very little in over 6 decades.

Did you know that almost all Goan revolutionaries that entered Goa from neighboring states post India’s independence after 1947 stayed at Hotel Mandovi.

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Vintage photos of Goa: Hippies at Baga (the 1970’s)

Goa was not always the go to party destination. If there was a defining point in tourism in Goa, it was the 70’s.

The hippies entered Goa in the ’70s, their laid-back lifestyle fitting right in with life in the beach towns of North Goa. Wild, all-night parties and scantily clad sun lovers roaming the beaches were all part of the scene. You could literally buy enough drugs for half a dozen people on the beach for the price of a Redbull.

Not only were Goans accommodating of all cultures, the Indian government also did not oppose the influx because it was contributing to the local economy in an otherwise unstable economic time in the country.

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Image courtesy : ScoopWhoop


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The unregulated LSD being sold on the beaches would bring in much-needed tourism to Goa


Vintage photos of Goa: Steam locomotive at Majorda (1980)

This is a vintage photo of a train in Goa. It’s quite surprising to think that steam locomotives freely roamed Goa’s railroads not too long ago. The roads were better left unused in a time where cars were luxuries for the rich.


Initially set up as a joint venture between the Portuguese and British. These very steam locomotives in Goa served as a backbone of the state’s economy for decades. Even after Goa’s Independence in 1961.

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Image courtesy : Beautiful Goa (Fb)


Vintage photos of Goa: Our Lady Of The Immaculate Conception Church (the 1950’s)

This vintage photo of Goa depicts one of Goa’s oldest churches – The Immaculate Conception Church in Panjim. The church was one of the first to be built in Goa. Certainly being there by 1541.


The early church was completely rebuilt from its foundations in 1619 and stands in the heart of Panjim even today. A testimony to the work gone into its construction and building quality.

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Vintage photos of Goa: Operation Vijay

While India attained independence from the British Raj on 15 August 1947. Goa was still languishing under four and a half century of Portuguese rule.

On 18th December 1961, the Indian army under the command of  Krishna Menon, the then Defence Minister decided that it was time to use force. 30,000 Indian troops with full air and naval support were sent to fight, and in less than 48 hours, Goa was liberated from Portuguese rule. This legendary vintage photograph of Goa depicts the tricolor being unfurled officially for the first time in Goa ever.


goa old photos - goa vintage photos - goa liberation photo - operation vijay

Image courtesy : Wikimedia Commons


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