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Top 5 Fishing Spots in Goa Guaranteed To Give You A Surplus Catch


It’s also an honored way for both locals and visitors to relax, pass the time with friends and enjoy the thrill of the catch, just as it is everywhere. Still, it’s important to understand that in Goa, it’s not just a sport or pastime. It’s a way of life.

Get ready to bring out the angler in you. Lets dive right in! (pun intended)


‘The Last Asylum’ , Polem, Goa

Polem’s secluded cool blue waters, thick jungles, and jagged headlands have always held a special place when it comes to leisure fishing. Polem makes for a perfect fishing paradise; in fact, it’s one of the last few unspoiled beaches in Goa. Which is why it’s also called ‘The last Asylum’.

Little is known to tourists about the secluded rocky beach. The thick jungle ensures that only the most adventurous the lot make it. There are however a few huts around the beach where you can get some refreshments.

The water is almost opaque and has a pretty blue-green fluorescent tint to it. Polem beach is well known for its small-mid sized guitar sharks.

Night fishing here produces some excellent game. However you will need to use squid or some fresh mackerel. During the monsoons, the locals use nets to pull out bucketloads of fish – a wide variety of snappers, croakers and guitar shark.

How to get there?
To reach Polem by road you will need to ride the NH17 highway passing some of the famous beaches of Palolem. Move on passing Cotigoa Wildlife Sanctuary. 10 odd kilometers after that is a small right turn with a sign board on which the words Polem Beach are barely legible.

Best time to visit:
Mid Day is the best time for fishing. Be sure to carry Sunscreen.

Polem Beach in Goa

The beautiful beach huts on Polem, Goa

Courtesy: Tashya


River Tiracol (Terekhol), Goa

If Goa boasts of deep waters, then it’s at Tiracol. Bashfully beautiful, with the river at her stern and the open sea to her face – Tiracol’s water is deep blue, at times transparent enough to see down into her depths. Sitting on a wooden stool, old seasoned fishermen spend their days fishing in these parts.

If you were to stand on a rock and gaze into the swirling waters, on a moonlit night with the salty wind in your face – you would be fascinated with everything about Tiracol – big fish, small fish, and the fragrance of wet sand. There’s a lot in the offing.

Tiracol is home to a wide variety of fish. Ranging from the Giant Trevallies, Barramundis, and Red Snappers, Groupers and Threadfin Salmons.

How to get there? 
Getting to Tiracol is very easy. The Terekhol fort is located on the northern bank of the river.After reaching the fort you can cross the Terekhol River by ferry and then reach the bank of the river which suits your fishing needs.

Best Time to visit:
The best time for fishing here is in the afternoon. If you’re feeling adventurous then nighttime is also highly recommended. The fort looks gorgeously lit in the moonlight.

River Tiracol in Goa - Fishing Spots for Anglers in Goa


Reis Magos Jetty & Rocks in North Goa

Here you can expect a variety of fish depending on the season and migration patterns. In addition to the Jetty, the giant rocks also serve as a really badass point for angling.

A huge catch at the Reis Magos - Fishing Spots for Anglers in Goa

Margaret Fernanded of Reis Magos with her catch ‘chanak’ Fish

November to January is regarded as the best season to fish for barramundi. Other species include snapper, Grouper and Sea Bream ( called Palu locally, caught aplenty towards the end of monsoons).

How to get there? 
To get to Reis Magos you’ll need to take the ferry across from Panjim to Betim or use the bridge, and take the road to Reis Magos. The road winds beautifully with the river on one side and the hills on the other. Look out for a small White Lighthouse facing the river. Immediately after it lies the jetty.


Fort Aguada, Goa

The placid blue waters around Fort Aguada that stretch to the horizon are frighteningly beautiful. On a clear day with a good pair of binoculars one can look down to watch dolphins move along playfully in the blue waters of the Bay.

At the fort’s base you will find small ruins of the fort and on the other side you can see a tongue of rocks heading out to sea. This tongue of rocks is an ideal fishing spot.

Once on the fishing spot you will be greeted by deep water and a greenish blue tint in Nov – Dec. Fish species range from Big grouper, snapper, Giant Treville, barramundi and Threadfin (during season, but rare). Early mornings and late evenings are said to be the best time for angling here.


Ferry Wharf/Jetty in Old Goa, Goa

The problem with fishing here is the jetty has been well fished for years and in turn the fish have become wary. So angling here for begginers won’t be easy and live bait is a must. Still it’s a very good experience for beginners and pros alike.

The catch here includes barramundi, snapper, bream, tarpon, catfish, and grouper.

Fun fact. Live shrimp and small bait fish here are called “pittioes”.

How to Get there? 
Getting to the Old Goa Jetty is pretty straightforward. As soon as you reach the Bom Jesus church take the first turn off to the river. There are 2 jetties, a small one and a larger one a little further off.

Best Time:
Best time for fishing here is early morning. 6AM to be precise.

Old Goa Jetty - Fishing Spots for Anglers in Goa

Credits: JoeGoaUK

With monsoons just waning off, now is the best time you get those fishing rods out of your storage room and test out the waters of Goa 😉 And if you don’t own one, then just go and rent a kit for a day. We bet that you wouldn’t want to miss out on this experience.

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