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The Best Activities to try out during your Dubai Desert Safari Adventures!

Dubai Desert Safari is a whirlwind of adventure, entertainment, and natural beauty, with a side order of sand in unexpected places. Are you ready to embark on a thrilling, sandy journey through the Arabian Desert? If so, grab your sense of adventure and your sense of humor because we’re about to explore the top seven activities to do in a Dubai Desert Safari!

07. Camel Safari

You’ve seen them in movies, you’ve seen them on postcards, and now you get to see them up close and personal! The desert is the perfect place for a leisurely camel safari. These majestic creatures are like the Hummers of the desert โ€“ slow and steady, and they don’t mind posing for a selfie or two. Just remember, camels have a quirky sense of humor, so don’t be surprised if yours decides to photobomb you with a perfectly timed spit-take.

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06. Dune Bashing at Dubai Desert

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a rollercoaster ride but thinks, “I wish this had more sand,” dune bashing is your jam. You’ll board a 4×4 vehicle with a driver who has nerves of steel and a sense of humor that seems directly related to your level of terror. As you cruise over dunes and swerve around corners like a desert drift king, you’ll wonder if the driver moonlights as a stunt double in action movies. Don’t worry, they’ll stop periodically to let you catch your breath and remove the sand from your hair, shoes, and anywhere else it might have found its way.

05. Hot Air Balloon Ride at Dubai Desert! 

Soaring high above the desert, you’ll get an aerial view of the endless sand dunes and be treated to one of the most breathtaking sunrises you’ll ever witness. If you’re lucky, your pilot will be a stand-up comedian with a knack for bird’s-eye jokes. Just keep your eyes peeled for the elusive desert ostrich! It’s like a regular ostrich, only it tells even taller tales๐Ÿ˜œ

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04. Barbeque Dinner at Dubai Desert Safari 

After all that excitement, you’ll be ready for a delicious barbeque dinner. As you savor the flavors of the Middle East under the twinkling desert stars, you’ll discover that the local cuisine is like a perfect show for your taste buds. If you’re lucky, your server will entertain you with culinary anecdotes about each dish, making you appreciate the food even more. And remember, when they offer you a second helping of that amazing grilled lamb, the correct answer is always “yes”!

03. Dubai Desert Fire Show

What’s better than dinner under the stars? Dinner with a side of fire! The desert is no stranger to mesmerizing fire shows, where skilled performers twirl, juggle, and even breathe fire. However, just keep your eyebrows safe. It’s like watching a medieval wizard duel, but with a modern twist. Your inner pyromaniac is bound to applaud.

02. Belly Dance Show

Image Courtesy: UAE Belly Dance

You’ve seen it in movies and on TV, but now you get to experience it in person! The belly dance show is a highlight of any desert safari. As the enchanting dancer moves to the beat of traditional Arabian music, you’ll realize that her hips have a hypnotic sense of humor. They also move in ways you didn’t think were possible, making you question if you need a few more gym sessions. Hence, don’t worry; nobody’s watching your attempt at belly dancing๐Ÿ˜‚

01. Sunset Photoshoot at the Dubai Desert! 

Image Courtesy: Dubai Photo Inspiration

As the sun sets over the dunes, it’s time for the grand finale, the sunset photoshoot. But remember, the desert is often more photogenic than you. It’ll steal the show with breathtaking hues of orange and pink, leaving you in awe. Be prepared for your social media to explode with envy-inducing shots of the stunning sunset, and remember to give credit where credit is due. #DubaiDesertSafari #BestSunsetEver.

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