!-- Google Tag Manager --> Planning to propose your partner in Goa, Here's a list of 5 amazing spots where she can't say 'NO'!

Planning to propose your partner in Goa, Here’s a list of 5 amazing spots where she can’t say ‘NO’!

Proposing to the love of your life can be a daunting task. Even for the most romantic type.  So finding the right place can surely ease the nervousness a fair bit. And what better place to propose to your special someone than Goa. Everyone’s favorite romantic destination!

So grab yourself a nice ring, even better if it once belonged to your great great grandmother. And head over to these romantic spots in Goa where she simply can’t say NO.

5. The Forests of Goa

Goa has a massive forest cover in its eastern part. So don’t miss the chance to have a very exotic proposal right under its canopy. It’s a great way to make your proposal in Goa surreal and romantic. An attire that contrasts the green backdrop can also leave an impressive mark if you have a stealthy photographer for hire around.

The Chorla Ghats is a perfect choice for proposing in Goa because of its lush greenery and pleasant weather.

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Image courtesy : Seventy two Studios

4. Proposal in Goa at Fontainhas

The brightly coloured streets of Panjim are a perfect scene for your romantic proposal in Goa. Fontainhas is the oldest Latin Quarter in Goa, very close to the hustle and bustle of Panjim city, but cut off from the same.

Flanked by houses painted in blue, yellow and many more colours, Fontainhas gives away a strong Portuguese vibe.

So, think out of the ordinary and add a vintage romantic flavor to your love at Fontainhas, Goa. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.  

Image courtesy : Flashbakc Studios

3. Proposal at the Beaches of Goa

A romantic proposal in Goa is incomplete without a beach. It’s truly magical to have those calm blue waters as a backdrop when you finally pop the question. A very straightforward and simple setting indeed.

Right through the lovely moments through to the fun on the beach, you can capture the perfect picture of a lifetime.

So go ahead, hire a professional photographer to take the shot discreetly of a moment that will never return. Check out our list of best beaches for photoshoots.

2.Proposal in Goa on a yacht at night

There is just something incredibly romantic about staring up  at the night sky with a special someone. But do you know what’s even more romantic? Proposing aboard a yacht in Goa of course. Simply pop the question aboard the sprawling deck and enjoy the sound of the ocean. While you’re at it, you can even play some romantic jazz in the background. For a next level romantic experience.

An ideal spot to do this is the arabian sea or the Panjim coastline if you want a more urban view.

1. Proposal in Goa aboard a hot air balloon

The Hot Air Balloon rides organised by Goa Tourism at Assolda Grounds in Chandor offer you beautiful panoramic aerial views of the lush countryside of Goa. Proposing your partner at quite literally the top of the world, makes for one uber cool story for the grandkids. The best timing is either sunrise or sunset. Book your ride here

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