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Ideas to make your millennial wedding up to the trend in our very own Goa!

All the millennials around the world have got into a new style of arranging their weddings where they look out for a unique way to give a surprise proposal for their bae, sometimes an exclusive pre-wedding photoshoot to enhance the wedding mood and moreover a lively destination wedding location to make their wedding all the more fun. While most prefer hosting a simple wedding instead of the typical grand feasts, there are still few others who choose to continue the traditional ways. But if you wanna go with the trendsetters, then these ideas are the most needed for an exciting millennial wedding. Check them out! 

✓ Begin with a surprise proposal!

Surprise proposal, wedding ideas
Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

Millennials are usually the bold ones seeking out to choose their own partners rather than settling for an arranged marriage. So if you’ve found the one you wanna grow old with, then have you decided how to propose to them? If not yet, then check out our suggested surprise proposal ideas , to soon begin with the wedding preparations. May it be a romantic proposal at a yacht trip or on a hot air balloon, your partner will surely love your efforts and give a big yes!

If going on the traditional path, don’t forget to ask the family first!

✓ A short and sweet get-together engagement at Goa’s shores!

Engagement in Goa, wedding ideas
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Most millennials choose to get engaged two to three years before their wedding. By doing this, they can focus first on better job prospects and also learn and support their family’s demands. Hence, arranging for a short engagement party at the pristine calm shores of Goa will not only be a good way to tighten your bond but will also help you to enjoy yourselves, before getting into life’s major decisions, like a wedding.

✓ Choose the best location for a pre-wedding photoshoot

Best prewedding photoshoot location in Goa, # wedding ideas
Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

Pre-wedding photoshoots can indeed fuel your excitement for the hectic days to follow. No matter how much it takes, pre-wedding photoshoots are very important to capture memories as fiancé and fiancée instead of man and wife. Hence, choosing the best locations along with the top-rated photographers should be one of the best ideas while deciding on a pre-wedding couple photoshoot. 

✓ Backpack for a bachelorette trip at the Goan sea sides! 

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If you plan to enjoy your singlehood amidst a calm atmosphere at the turquoise blue shores, then Goa should be a great choice for your bachelorette trip. The resorts here are beautifully structured and their cuisines too serve marvelous delicacies. Hence pack your bags and book a trip to the ever known beauty of India, Goa. 

✓ Choose a destination wedding at one of the 5 Stars!

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

Goa has got some of the top rated brands of hotels that serve their customers with utmost care. Ranked as one of the best destination wedding locations in India, the aura at the Goan wedding venues will add elegance to your big day! Millennials may want to make their wedding special at a destined location. Hence, marry your spouse at such picturesque locations with the blessings of your loved ones.

Small tip: 

Moving away from the typical big fat Indian weddings, today’s millennial generation prefer grabbing a chance to be married amidst close friends and families, by keeping it simple and memorable. What’s the point of feeding many and then paying for it on a lifelong loan? Hence, keep it simple with personalised setups.  

To shoot the best moments of your wedding, you may need professional photographers. Hence, feel free to ping us!

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