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Guide to experiencing Bali on a budget

Bali can be a great place to have a life-changing experience. Especially if you’re young. However, if you’re stuck on a tight budget then you’ll need to plan it all out. Bali is a beautiful place, but also quite expensive. So here’s an all-inclusive guide on experiencing Bali on a budget.

While going to Bali with less budget is possible, be warned that Bali is quite a bit pricey compared to other destinations in Indonesia. After all its a tourist hotspot almost throughout the year. If you want the most cost-cutting then you can’t go wrong by visiting Bali during the peak season. Which occurs from July-September. 

Travelling around Bali on a budget in Bali

If you want the most amount of savings possible. Then hiring a taxi is a bad idea. Stick to public transport. Or even better, if you have an international driver license then rent a bike. Rental bikes can be a great way to experience Bali at your own pace. Without having to worry about sticking to timings. Remember to keep an offline map on google maps though as the network can be hit or miss. Renting a motorcycle costs about 5 or 6 euros per day, but 25 euros should be more than enough for a week.

Places to visit in Bali when on a budget

Your budget should depend on where you plan to travel to Bali and what activities you want to participate in. So be sure to keep your expectations realistic. If you spend a little time planning the things you want to see and where you are, you will not only stay on schedule but also in budget. 

When you travel to Bali for the first time, remember that it is divided into six main areas, South, Central, West, North, East and Southeast. 

Lovina is located on the far north shore of Bali and is perhaps the most relaxed beach destination on the island. It’s also quite affordable. Especially during the offseason, So be sure not to miss it.


There are many hotels in Bali to choose from, depending on your budget. Since this island is an avenue for younger people who want to retreat and immerse themselves in the culture, you can also find plenty of local hotels that are affordable near some of Bali’s tourist attractions. 

One of the best budget hostels in Bali is the Puri Garden Hotel and Hostel, with prices for a shared room starting from 14 euros per night. 

Another great hostel is the Cara Cara Inn in Kuta, which offers dorm beds from 11 euros and private rooms from 21 euros per night. 

Things to do in Bali on a budget

Most likely all of your activities will take place in the south around the beaches of Kuta, Canggu or the city of Denpasar, but some things like diving and hiking may take you to the East or Southeast Islands. There are several tour packages online that can get you discounted packages for pretty much any activity. 

Another great place to experience Balinese culture on a budget is Ubud. Contrary to popular tourist belief. Ubud itself is a collection of about a dozen villages that form a decent community. And not just a single village.

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