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Mango Season in Goa – Local Fruit Markets in Goa & more…

The rising heatwave beginning from the month of March marks the onset of the Mango season in Goa. Mangoes have had their way in the entire country over the last 4000 years. Goa’s culture has a unique connection to delicious mango varieties like nowhere else. Mangoes are very much affordable indeed here in Goa, but only during their peak production time. A little over hundred rupees will fetch you a kilogram of the nice ripened mangoes.

From the different varieties of mangoes from Goa to the list of local markets to get the best Goan mangoes, here’s everything you need to know about the sweet Mango season in Goa.

Goa and Mangoes : Brief History

Despite having been grown throughout India for nearly 4000 years, Mangoes were not really a very popular fruit in Goa before the arrival of Portuguese. Vasco Da Gama’s discovery of the sea route to India in 1498 and the invasion and conquest of Goa by Afonso de Albuquerque, turned Goa into a centre of all Portuguese colonial activities in the Orient. 

The rising demand for mangoes in Europe made it very profitable for mango saplings to be imported and planted in Goa. Turned out, Goa had the perfect weather and soil conditions to cultivate mango trees. Then began the love story between Goans and mangoes. 


A mughal miniature depicting mangoes being harvested by women

Types of Mangoes from Goa

There are more than 100 varieties of mangoes that Goa is home to. So many different tastes, textures, sizes and names that most of us haven’t even heard of (let alone taste them). Nevertheless, here are our top picks for the best and most popular kinds of mangoes in Goa.

Mankurad Mango in Goa

Also known as Goa Mankur, Kurad, Malcorado, Corado etc., Mankurad Mango is the most popular variety that is available throughout Goa. It has a long history of cultivation and is known exclusively as a table fruit.

The Portuguese named it Malcorado meaning poor coloured and over the years this word transformed to Mankurad. These Mankurad mangoes may look smaller in size sometimes but are juicy and tasty as hell. 

Alphonso Mango from Goa


Credits: Wikipedia

There’s a reason you’ve probably heard of this name before. Alphonso Mango is considered to be the most type of mango in Goa. Its sweetness, richness and texture is truly beautiful.

The best part about Alphonso Mangoes is that they are also fibre-less. So, it is not surprising that Alphonso Mangoes are used for making most of the commercial mango products in India that we’ve grown to love.  

Hapoos Mango 


Credits: Pinterest

There’s a chance you might not have heard of Hapoos mango if you’re not from Goa. That’s because, Hapoos Mango is usually not eaten raw. Even exporting Hapoos is bit of a tedious process due to its short shelf life.

A couple of local varieties get pickled, while the rosy-hued Monserrate (Musarat in Konkani) is generally reserved to make the spectacularly dense and flavourful Goan mango jam called mangada.

Local Markets in Goa to buy the best mangoes

Yum yum! Bet you’re hungry for some fresh juicy mangoes. So where do you even find the tastiest mangoes in Goa? Here are our top picks for some of the best places to buy mangoes in Goa.

Panjim Market in Goa


Credits: Zebrastaepe

The Panjim Market run by the Panjim Municipality is one of the largest local markets in Goa. So if you’re all prepped to buy and take fresh mangoes from Goa, this is the place to be.

The sweet-scented aroma of Goan mangoes that fill the market area are captivating and quite frankly you won’t need much convincing to buy a fruit or two. You could even get to try something you’ve never seen before. The friendly and flirtatious vendors will be more than happy to give you a sample.

The massive Mario Miranda painting in Panjim Market does help in completing your search for the best mangoes in Goa.

MMC New Market in Margao, Goa


Credits: McLenahan Travel Blog

The Margao New Market is one of the many street markets that pop up every day on the streets of Goa. Great choice for vegetables and fruits, especially mangoes.

Expect a fun outdoors experience – loud, fragrant & colourful. The added perk of the MMC market is the bargaining, but be careful as some of the sellers may (will) try to scam you – once you are identified as a tourist! A solution for this could be to take a local friend along. And if you don’t have one, Team Lokaso is always there to help you out.

The Goan Farmers Market, Margao

The Goan Farmers Market in South Goa is a very special entry on this list. This market is organised with the aim of promoting local Goan produce. Stop by this humble market for farm fresh local produce, homemade products and more. 

In fact you could even sell some homemade fruits and veggies yourself. The Goan Farmers market is a great place to shop for mangoes that were locally grown by fellow Goan locals in their backyard.

Check out their facebook page for upcoming events.


What does your taste in Goan mangoes say about you? Let us know by commenting below. Check out the Lokaso App for more content just like this.

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