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Goa Carnival 2020: Here’s why you can’t miss it

“Eat, drink and make merry.” This is probably the best way to describe the Goan Carnival 2020. Every year, thousands of people flock to Goa to relive the tradition that is rampant since the Portuguese era. This year, the Goan Carnival will make it’s way through the streets of Goa as it always does. Starting with the capital city of Panjim, on the 22nd of February, the Carnival will go on till the 25th of February in the other cities of Goa as well. Be sure to arrive early and get a good spot. The crowds are expected to be through the roof this year at the Goa Carnival 2020.

What is Goa Carnival?

Goa Carnival

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The Carnival has played a major part in the culture of Goa from the 18th century. It’s a fast paced eating-drinking and partying extravaganza held before the 40 days of Lent, a time of discipline and spirituality observed by Christians. Colourful floats & decor adorn the streets of Goa during the 4 days and people dress up in crazy, quirky attire and welcome the season of merriment with open arms.

So Why Goa for Carnival?

Goa Carnival

Carnival Celebrations in Goa (Circa 1945)
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Although the festival is not as big as its South American counterpart in Rio de Janeiro, The Goa Carnival is unarguably the biggest in India and one of the few best in Asia. The festival was introduced by the Portuguese who ruled over Goa for over five hundred years.

King Momo Returns !

King Momo

Goa Carnival 2017’s King Momo 😀
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Every year, as per tradition, ‘King Momo’ is selected to lead the parades through the cities of Goa and is believed to rule the state during the entire fest. This year, Shri Shalom M. Sardinha, resident of Curtorim, is selected as King Momo and will be leading the parades through the state.

Since the first King Momo made his presence felt in 1965, the celebrations have seen an increase in its glee and frolic. From the olden days of hushed streets with the youth and a bullock cart leading the parade, the times have indeed changed. Earlier, men used to indulge into mock battles with cartridges loaded with cocotes (colored powder) and crackers were blown along with drum beats in harmonic progression. Now, there are musical parades and a flock of entertainers who perform in flamboyant costumes often accompanied by the sounds of local instruments, like Ghumat, which is a percussion instrument of an earthen vessel. There are ludicrous folk plays mixed with sarcasm mirroring the human foolishness, and a plethora of grandiose floats are put up for public display. Lately, the commercialization of floats has been on a steady increase, so this year the focus is added more on traditional ones keeping the cultural aspects in mind.

Schedule for Carnival Goa 2020

Schedule for Carnival Goa 2018

Image courtesy : Goa Tourism

Panjim (The biggest & grandest of all)22nd February
Margao & Quepem23rd February
Vasco & Curchorem 24th February
Mapusa & Morjim25th February

Added Bonus : Goa Food & Cultural Festival 2020

 Goa Food Festival 2018

Image courtesy : Eggroll.com

The Goa Food and Cultural festival is set to begin on Feb 21st up until Feb 23rd, 2020.

So if you’re here for the Carnival, you can also treat yourself to the unique flavors Goa has to offer at this three-day unique festival, full of tasty treats for your eyes and taste buds.

It’s not just the food either!

The festival will also consist of live musical programs, a line-up of drink stalls, entertainment and a lot more.

The best part about Goa Carnival 2020?


Goa Carnival is open to all. There are no tickets for this colourful festival. February marks the climax of the peak season for tourism in Goa. Hence, it is advisable for you to book your accommodation in advance. There are a number of hotels or resorts where you might want to book your stay at!

We look forward to seeing you there! 

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