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Best Places in Goa for a professional photo shoot

Few other places match Goa’s picture perfect sceneries. No wonder photography in Goa these days is all the craze. In fact, some places here look so good, you don’t even need a fancy DSLR to click some very pretty pictures. Any decent phone will do. And it’s not just the great places either, Goa has no shortage of all sorts of birds, animals, and people you can include in your clicks-

Here are 5 picture perfect places in Goa that are guaranteed to give you the best photoshoot.

5. On a Yacht

A perfect couple needs a perfect photo to add to their album of life. When it comes to perfection, you cannot go wrong with a photoshoot under the stars. Seize the opportunity for an exotic photo with a blissful Goa in the background. Use of Drone photography here is the best way to capture the perfect bird’s eye view. The Mandovi River, of course, is the perfect choice for a professional photoshoot in Goa because of the serene mix of city life and sunshine.

Sunset in Goa on a Yacht - Sunset Cruise in Goa - Fun Cruises Goa
Credits: Fun Cruises Goa

4. Heart Shaped Lagoon at Suicide Point

Photoshoots, movies shooting, hangouts and lots more that happen in Bogmalo is at the Heart Shaped Lake that is situated near Bogmalo Beach resort. It is one of the famous tourist spots in Mormugao.

Getting to see a heart-shaped lagoon with your pals can be a very soothing experience for everyone involved. But don’t let its popularity fool you. The lake is pretty empty for the better part of the day on weekdays.

Heart Shaped Lagoon at Suicide Point
Image courtesy : Shafia Silveria

3.Hilltop View at RajBagh Beach

RajBagh is undoubtedly one of the cleanest beaches in all of Goa. Its shiny golden sand complements its sparkly clean water. Before entering the beach itself you’re greeted with hilltop view as you climb down the rocks. The combination white sands, clear seas and the hues of the Sun really makes RajBagh an ideal spot for a photoshoot.

Please don’t leave behind any trash though 🙁

Hilltop View at RajBagh Beach
Image courtesy : Goa Tourism

2. Underwater Photoshoot in Goa at Candolim Beach

Sure Goa water looks pretty on the surface. But very few have been able to grasp the absolute stunning beauty under the calm blue ocean. The absence of rapid currents in Goa makes the waters ideal for a very unique photoshoot.

The underwater life here also adds an extra touch of ‘wow’ to any photo. There are plenty of shops nearby that rent out Scuba diving equipment for dirt cheap prices. Add in some professional underwater photography gear and you’ve got yourself some great shots.

1. Fontainhas

The brightly colored streets of Panjim are a perfect scene for photography in Goa. Fontainhas is the oldest Latin Quarter in Goa, very close to the hustle and bustle of Panjim city, but cut off from the same.

Flanked by houses painted in blue, yellow and many more colors, Fontainhas gives away a strong Portuguese vibe.

So, think out of the ordinary and add a vintage romantic flavor to your love with photographs at Fontainhas, Goa. On right under its canopy. It’s a great way to make your photoshoots in Goa stand out.

Why not choose the best when it comes to your photoshoots in Goa. Hire own of our approved Lokaso photographers and see the difference.

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