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Top 8 things-to-do while on a trip to Jaipur

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The moment you imagine any place in Rajasthan, like the pink city Jaipur, one can imagine the hot deserted land of glory. But imagining the amount of heat could diminish your enthusiasm. Honestly, that’s not the reality. It’s just a little more humid than other south Indian states, which can be easily tackled. Therefore shut off those stupid thoughts about Jaipur, ‘coz there’s so much more you should indulge into while on your Jaipur trip. May it be the rains or the winters, Jaipur doesn’t miss the opportunity to welcome a huge number of tourists to enchant them with its breathtaking attractions. Here’s a list of the top 7 fascinating  things you ought to do on your trip to Jaipur. 

8. Pick out some adventurous options in your list!

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“Forest? And in Jaipur?!”

I know for some it may sound odd, but yes, every part of Jaipur isn’t really a desert. For all those adventure enthusiasts, here’s a jungle safari in the Jhalana forest meant to give you chills on this thrilling outing. This wildlife sanctuary is adorned with nature offering its visitors a diverse range of  unique species of fauna and flora. 

All the animal lovers can also head to the Elefantastic Elephant Farm which is one of the best things to do in Jaipur. Don’t worry! They won’t lift you up with their trunks, but just shower their love on you. 

7. A day in the villages could be one of the best things to do in Jaipur

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The traditional  royal glory of Jaipur can be experienced by paying a visit to the surrounding villages. Hence, on your Jaipur trip you must book a jeep safari that’ll help you stroll down the local villages. The locals in Jaipur are very much friendly and they welcome every guest with utmost happiness. If you understand the local language, you can sit with them and have a chit chat, and if you don’t understand the language, then hearty conversations will do the work. For a better experience pop into the villages during a festival. Thereby, not missing a chance to be a part of their celebrations as the settlers open heartedly welcome their guests to rejoice along with them.

6. Go out for a shopping tour in the Jaipur bazaars 

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We all know that traditional and indigenous artifacts and clothes can definitely be found in Jaipur. If you need some souvenirs to make your trip memorable, then you  ought to book an entire day to choose the best from these bazaars. Some of the most fascinating and authentic shopping experiences one can find at these mesmerizing Jaipuri markets. They are located within the walled expanses of the city and are known as ‘Badi’ and ‘Choti’ Chaupar.

5. Rajasthani delicacies at Chokhi Dhani – Must to try one!

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Chokhi Dhani is a resort wherein you can experience the traditional hospitality styles of the Rajputs which is brought to life in its true honey settings. The resort is an opportunity to explore the real essence of Jaipur with its live cultural programmes like puppet shows,  folk dances along with delicious cuisine. All of these are offered to the guests in pure village style. Not to forget, this is that one spot in Jaipur best suited for your Jaipuri food cravings. Their traditional Rajasthani cuisine is a must to try on!

4. Learn About Astronomy at Jantar Mantar

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If you’re an admirer of the stars, moon and the whole universe  then you must  visit Jantar Mantar for a sneak peak into the probable instruments that were key to predict the future.

Dating back to the 18th century, Jantar Mantar was erected by the scholar Sawai Jai Singh. The structure is an observatory that comprises ‘surya yantras’. The monument can faultlessly measure the time, predict eclipses and even track the location of major stars as the earth orbits around them and the sun. If you do not hire a local guide then it could be a major turn off for you. Only the local guide will  precisely explain the way in which each instrument works.

3. Party all night!!!

After a tiring day with site-seeing, a party during the night is a must for all. Jaipur offers you some really enjoyable pubs and nightclubs like Re-pub-liq and club Naila. Make your trip fun by experiencing this rocking side of Jaipur with some noise, dance and  booze. 

2. Trek amidst the nature 

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If you need an audacious experience then you must give trekking a try.  Chour Ghati is a must to try on – an adventurous trek surrounded by deciduous forest of the Aravali range. There are other trekking spots as well in Jaipur, suitable to settle down the trekking love within. 

1. Get yourself shot with Lokaso Photography

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Jaipur is well endowed with numerous impressive palaces, forts and architectural marvels which give a glimpse of the dynasties that ruled over the city in the past ages. 

Hence, you’ll find a blend of Mughal architecture, Hindu culture, religious temples and rose coloured buildings. Thus, a photoshoot at such marvellous sites is a must. Certain architectural sites like the ‘Amer Fort’ have numerous  photographic entrances. You can also use an elephant ride as a prop to the photographs. Thereby, helping you feel one among the royalty.

When you conclude your trip I’m sure, you will garner a lot of memories and experiences to share with others. And to do so, you may need a professional photographer with you. Feel free to book one of the best photographers in town. 

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