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Family Photoshoot in Goa : Taking the best memories back home

Goa is one place that can pretty much cover anyone’s needs. Be it a honeymoon trip or a family one. There’s always so much to do. If you’re looking forward to a great family trip to Goa, then look no further.  Just like Komal Dung did for her family of four.

Komal always wanted a vacation that her kids would remember for years to come. So it only made sense for her to let the best do their magic for her. Although she was unsure about being in front of a lens at first, alas she zeroed in and decided to have an impromptu photoshoot.

They contacted Lokaso and immediately booked their slot. Got the kids all dressed up in their best and prepared for what was soon to be one of the best photoshoots of their lives.

And it wasn’t just about the kids either. Komal and her husband also seized the opportunity for some classy beachside romantic shots. 

“It was a last minute plan. I contacted Rajat pretty late, after work hours, but there he was – with an instant response. The photoshoot itself was almost magical, the Lokaso team was extremely gentle and professional. In fact, now that I think of it. It felt like I was just living in the moment without being aware of the shoot itself.” said Komal.

Look up magical realism in a dictionary and it’ll describe a literary style full of unsolved mysteries and untouched natural beauty along with a hint of much-needed chaos, otherwise known as realistic fiction. 

Goa is where it begins. And only someone who hasn’t spent some real time here will tell you otherwise. It’s a place full of magical wonder, lush fields, sun kissed beaches and unique culture. So why not live in the moment and capture some of its untouched beauty with the helping hand of a professional? Just like Komal did.

Get your memories with your tiny tots captured today at the experienced hands of Lokaso. Have fun, leave the documenting to us. 😉

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