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Aya Universe – A Man-Made Cosmos of the UAE

Who says an artist can’t get technical? In the Aya Universe, one can explore the beauty of Art commanded by technology. Export yourself into a whole new universe where the grass glitters with lights and sky shines with infinite shooting stars. Your every step in this universe will greet you with a different light show of the universe. Moreover, the staff dressed in an ethereal uniform gives you confirmation that you’ve definitely stepped into a new world. It’s an absolute haven for those seeking the perfect Instagram-worthy picture.

Hold on to your Cosmic Passport

Cosmic Passport - Aya Universe
Image Courtesy: Priyanka Chadha

Well, one cannot just barge into a whole new universe. Right? You will have to carry your Cosmic Passport at the entrance to glide straight into the Aya universe. The creative idea of creating a cosmic passport will not just cheer you up before you even enter the doors but will also stay forever as a souvenir of the marvelous universe. 

Explore 12 rooms with 12 different experiences

Floara - Aya Universe
Image Courtesy: Aya Universe 

Walk straight into 12 different chambers and explore a passionate creation enfolded in all these modern carvings. While some displace the source of the creation, one such chamber will open its view of the waterfalls that are pretty much needed for a universe to function. 

Let your Kids feed the curiosity!

Image Courtesy: Aya Universe

Today’s Kids belong to the world of technology and so, the Aya universe could be the best attraction of Dubai to let them live into the imagination of the future. Leave them loose and let them unlock the hidden treasures of the Universe they are just about to explore!

And guess what! It’s free for kids below 3!

Live Display shows

Image Courtesy: Aya Universe

You may expect the unexpected and feel your jaw dropping while you see the mystical sways by these carefully chosen artists. These artists too come from the mysterious Aya Universe that have got the art to lure you into their gaze. Watch their moves and find yourself seeking comfort away from the noisy world outside! 

A Unique Water Show

Water Show - Aya Universe
Image Courtesy: Aya Universe

The display of the lights falling down the hall gives you an imagery of the rain droplets kissing your cheeks. It is a great photoshoot spot to capture the rain without really soaking in. 

A Meditative Walk

Image Courtesy: Aya Universe

Many visitors of the Aya Universe have witnessed it to be a relaxation to walk amidst the chambers. It calms your mind and lets you meditate watching the exotic creations. You may choose to sit for a while in your most favourite chamber and let the beauty soak in. 

Opening hours

  • Sunday-Thursday: 10 am – 10pm
  • Friday-Saturday: 10 am – 12 pm

Top Recommendations

Staff of Aya Universe
  • Take a flight to the Aya Universe in the morning, so that you can experience everything without much crowds. 
  • The Flora Chamber will definitely woo you into oblivion. The soothing sounds accompanied with the scent of nature surrounding will take you into a peaceful mood and make you wonder, Am I really here?
  • Please book your tickets through a trustworthy vendor to avail offers and avoid confusion! Our suggestion would be Klook
  • Make sure you pick the best phone, ‘coz you will definitely regret it if you capture blurry images!

If you need a professional photographer to help you capture some great shots, Contact Lokaso Photoshoot, who will send their Photographer to capture your memories at the Aya Universe, Dubai!

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