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5 Best Photography spots in Vasco

Photography in Goa is all about being at the right place at the right time. And while every place in Goa is photoworthy. Some are easier to get than others. Which is why photography in Vasco is great activity for any avid photographer. So be sure to head out to these photogenic spots in Goa for some much needed photography.

5. Heart Shaped lake

Photoshoots, movies shooting, hangouts and lots more that happen in Bogmalo is at the Heart Shaped Lake that is situated near Bogmalo Beach resort. It is one of the most famous photography spots in Vasco.

A photograph at heart shaped lake with your pals can be a very soothing experience for everyone involved. But don’t let its popularity fool you. The lake is pretty empty for the better part of the day on weekdays. Snap away !

photography spots in vasco
Image courtesy : Tripoto

4. Kings Church Hilltop

Need a surreal photography spot in Vasco like no other? Look no further than the 3 Kings church Hilltop near Bogmalo. The view from above is nothing like anything and is guaranteed to boost those likes like Dan Bilzerian.

Know what makes this photography spot in Vasco even better? The church is apparently haunted. But don’t worry. Unless you like your photograph only at night, that shouldn’t really be an issue. A wide angle camera is highly recommended to get most of the panoramic view at 3 Kings.


3. Baina Beach :
Photography Spots in vasco

A lesser known gem in Goa. Serene and uncrowded even during the peak season. Which makes it a great choice for photography in Goa. The hilly areas along the coast (mainly sada) offers a great background for some scenic photos.

There’s just so much you can do here with so few people around to tell you otherwise. Expect no nightlife here, So nobody to disturb your low light shots either.

Check out Flyboarding at Baina Beach Image courtesy : TravelTriangle
Flyboarding at Baina Beach
Image courtesy : TravelTriangle

2. Vasco Fish Market

A fish market is the most integral part of any city or village in Goa. So why not indulge in some basic shots of the hustle and bustle. In fact you can even spot some particularly photogenic cats looking for a quick bite. Try to time your trip early in the morning for some candid shots when everyone is stocking up the daily catch.

Image courtesy : Angio Fernandes

1. Suicide Point at Sada

The suicide point near the Antarctic research centre at Sada is one of the most underrated sightseeing spots in Goa. The view here is simply out of this world.

Very few photography spots in Vasco come even remotely close to the beauty of this place.

photography spots in vasco
Image courtesy : Goa Tourism

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