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Top 10 Places for the Perfect Breakfast in Goa

If you’re a morning person, breakfast is the difference between a good and an abysmal day. Finding a decent place for a good Goan breakfast can be a little tasking, if you don’t know where to look at.

Get a head start to a busy weekday or a relaxed weekend in Goa. Treat yourself to a sumptuous breakfast at these eateries in Goa before the day catches up with you.

Even Zomato cannot be as thoughtful to your breakfast needs as Goa’s very own locals. Be it the best dish or the best timing to avoid rush. Fret no more, because we’ve put together an authentic list to relish Goan delicacies as the morning sun shines bright over the palm trees and tiled roofs.

1. Cafe Real

Location: Panaji
Cuisine: Goan

Source: David Orlando,Varun Tyagi (Zomato)

Although the name might have you thinking otherwise, this treasure chest is a pure vegetarian establishment. Authentic Goan breakfast has earned Cafe Real its name. Be it Bhaji Pao or Pakoras, every dish here will have you licking your fingers.

2. Cafe Aram

Location: Panaji
Cuisine: Goan, Fast Food

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Source: Tripadvisor

Whether you order a plate of their famed samosas or choose to go with bun and tea, Cafe Aram truly lives up to the phrase ‘service with a smile’. Polite, responsive service and simple, delicious food make them a favourite with the locals.

3. Cafe Bhonsle

Location: 2 branches – Ponda, Panaji
Cuisine: North Indian, South Indian, Snacks

gg-lokaso-blogpost8-cafe-bhonsle1-esteann-v1 gg-lokaso-blogpost8-cafe-bhonsle2-esteann-v1 gg-lokaso-blogpost8-cafe-bhonsle3-esteann-v1
Source: Prtiam Bijlani, Rishi, Sneha Rane (Zomato)

Bhaji Pao tops the list of its most avid customers but Puri Bhaji, Bhajiya are also quick-sellers at Cafe Bhonsle. Come here for a traditional Goan breakfast and you’ll keep coming here all the days after.

4. Cafe Tato’s

Location: 4 Branches – Panaji, Moira, Margao (2)
Cuisine: Goan, North Indian, South Indian

gg-lokaso-blogpost8-cafe-tato1-esteann-v1 gg-lokaso-blogpost8-cafe-tato2-esteann-v1 gg-lokaso-blogpost8-cafe-tato3-esteann-v1
Source: Stephen Gustavo, Rima Dhume, Puja Deb (Zomato)

If you are one of those looking for reasonably priced food and want to give a quick order without spending too much time choosing, then Cafe Tato’s is the place for you.Almost all dishes served at this simple cafe will leave your taste buds satisfied. Grab a quick bite by ordering a plate of Samosas or Mirchi Bhajiya. For those with a sweet tooth, their famed buns will leave you beaming. Puri Bhaji, Sukhi Bhaji, Patal Bhaji are also some of the dishes to this well-known joint.

5. Kamat

Location: Panaji
Cuisine: Fast Food, South Indian, Chinese

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Source: Naveen Suresh, Shirang Bhave, Gururaj Shenoy (Zomato)

Thronged by locals due its prime location near the Panjim Church, Kamat’s is known for easy-on-the-pocket, tasty, diverse menu. If you’re in the mood for a South Indian breakfast gulped down with a fruit juice or milkshake at the end, Kamat has you covered. This vegetarian restaurant also boasts of delicious sandwiches.

6.Casa Portuguesa

Location: Baga
Cuisine: Goan, Portuguese

gg-lokaso-blogpost8-casa-portuguesa1-esteann-v1gg-lokaso-blogpost8-casa-portuguesa2-esteann-v1 gg-lokaso-blogpost8-casa-portuguesa3-esteann-v1
Source: Abbie Joseph, Gautam Dutta, Griffin Howard (Zomato)

A seafood lover’s paradise, this quaint restaurant sits in a quiet niche in Baga. Albeit a little heavy on the pocket, the food lives up to it. A quiet, sumptuous meal with a mellow, snug ambience and Portuguese melodies  makes Casa Portuguesa a must visit.

7. Aunty Maria – Fidalgo

Location: Panaji
Cuisine: Fast Food, Continental

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Source: Monika Rajnala (Zomato)

Sandwiches, omelettes and breads make for a healthy breakfast at Aunty Maria – Fidalgo. Spacious interiors give the place an inviting look, while the food completes a good culinary experience.  Salads and snacks with a Goan tinge also feature on their menu.

8. Infantaria

Location: Calangute
Cuisine: Goan, North-Indian, Continental

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Source: Imran Shiraz, Savio Dcunha, Elizabeth (Zomato)

Not only a go-to place for breakfast, Infantaria will also make for a lazy afternoon lunch. Apart from a proper Continental breakfast with a variety of breads, eggs and juices to choose from, the chefs here will also whip you some Goan delicacies, with Pork Vindaloo, Chicken Cafreal being just a few. The bakery here is an additional bonus.

9.Blue Bird

Location: Vagator
Cuisine: Goan, Seafood, Italian

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Source: Sokrafood, Sattvik Satya (Zomato)

Nestled inside Vagator’s dense greenery, this establishment serves delightful Goan meals from Sorpotel to Beef Vindaloo. They also have interesting fusions of traditional Goan recipes which are worth a try. Eggs, toast and salads are also an option for the health conscious.

10. Venite

Location: Panaji
Cuisine: Goan, Seafood, Continental

gg-lokaso-blogpost8-venite1-esteann-v1 gg-lokaso-blogpost8-venite2-esteann-v1 gg-lokaso-blogpost8-venite3-esteann-v1
Source: Zomato

Bright, lively interior decor combined with visually appealing savory delights make this place a good choice for a lazy weekend brunch. With dishes priced on the higher side, the quantity and taste will do it justice. Do check out the day’s specials before you place your order.

Have we missed any of your favorites? Comment below and let us know. 

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