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The In’s and out’s of Bali Airport

Travelling via plane can be stressful due to the airport process and time management needed to make your flight on time. This includes getting to the airport, getting through security. Locating the correct terminal and gate as well as many other factors. So it makes sense to be prepared and know what to expect at the airport you plan on visiting. Denpasar International Airport is only of Indonesia’s biggest and busiest airports. So it’s a great idea to know what to expect. 

5. Shopping at Bali Airport

What better way to spend time waiting for your flight than getting on with some much needed last-minute shopping. Being a super busy international airport, Bali airport has no shortage of the usual chains like Starbucks and Armani to name a few. There are also plenty of stores selling local produce and handicrafts. Although be warned that despite the airport being duty-free you’ll have to pay quite a hefty price for pretty much everything.

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4. VIP facilities at Bali Airport

Recently Bali Airport has set up it’s VIP luxury service that’s traditionally used by celebrities as well as high profile government employees. The main purpose of the service is to give travellers a more luxurious and stress-free journey from their front door all the way up to boarding the plane. Denpasar Airport themselves have confirmed that almost 100 airport employees are part of this VIP team, with some employees starting as early as 4 am in order to reach the holidaymakers in time.

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3. Terminals to take note of

The new Bali international terminal opened in 2013, and the refurbished domestic terminal re-opened in 2014. The new terminal provides 62 check-in counters, expanded duty-free shopping and dining area, as well as ten gate jet bridges for passenger convenience

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2. Transportation at Bali airport

Taxi counters can be found after customs on the arrivals level and outside of the terminal. Metered and fixed fares are offered. Rates are of course negotiable so be sure to agree on a fare before getting into a taxi.

There are also plenty of counters that offer rental cars. Although it might be cheaper to rent them outside the airport instead. 

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1. Travelling with Kids at Bali airport

Stay & Play facilities are located in Terminals 1 and 2. They’re open daily from 6 am-9 pm, these soft play areas are a perfect tool for keeping your little nippers occupied during long airport waits. 

The airport also has well-equiped washrooms to handle all your childcare needs.

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