Privacy Policy - GoLokaso


It is our highest priority to protect all the data provided by Users to We would never licence or sub-licence any data collected from customers with regards to usage of By submitting booking form you agree that we will collect your personal data such as name, email, telephone number and other data that you submit to us. Such data will be used solely in connection with handling of your booking, photo shoot and delivery of the photos.

Personal data collected from you will be collected for indefinite period of time. You are entitled to revoke your consent with usage and collecting of your data at any time. In such case we will remove your data from the database immediately.


These Terms and conditions and the provision of services shall be governed by the law of the Indian Republic. Any dispute arising out of these Terms and conditions and our services shall exclusively be submitted to the competent Indian courts.

These terms apply to all bookings starting from 10th February 2019.

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