Goa Food  and Cultural Festival 2018 : A complete guide by Lokaso

Goa Food & Cultural Festival

The most awaited Food and cultural fest in Panjim, The Goa Food and Cultural Festival is back again with a bang this year. It’s got an Amazing fusion of two of the things that we humans love the most, Food and Entertainment. Already wondering how you will manage to get back to work or school with a weekend this good? Well who cares, Let us cherish and live a day at a time and enjoy the amazing food and entertainment lined up for us. Here’s what you need to know about the Goa Food & Cultural Festival. 

Date & Venue of Goa Food & Cultural Festival 2018

When does it start and when does it end? Where is it? OMG will I ever be able to make it? Yes of course, Susan. It starts from the 9th of February and goes on until the 13th of February at DB Bandodkar Ground in Campal, Panjim. 5 days to choose from  and all 5 days will be filled will Food and Frolic. So you do not have to be picky about what day to go. You do not have to worry about “can i miss day 2”. Its unlimited food and fun throughout and guess what? Various upcoming and path-breaking artists & music bands like The Local Train, Bombay Bassmen, Lagori, Parikrama and more have performed here in the previous years. 

Goa Food & Cultural Festival 2018
What’s there in Store for me at Goa Food & Cultural Festival?

Entertainment, Entertainment and Food, yes not to forget the Food. With a space that can fill up to 80 stalls.These Food stalls will not just give you lip smacking food but will definitely help you burn your calories, NOT!

Performances from Live bands loved across the nation. Bands like Agnee, Lahore, Ravi Chary with Gino Banks and Troupe will be performing live here this year. For those out there with the Goan flair in you, the Goa Food and Cultural Festival has made sure you groove on the Goan masala songs by local Goan bands like Crimson Ti

Followed by international Dance performances and an elegant Fashion show by Anushka shaikh and that is not it. Sand sculpture workshops for the artist out there and if you can smell the the Rock cooking in you.

The Goa Food and Cultural Festival 2018 brings to you the Chef de Goa Contest”. If you think you have got it in you and you have a know how to challenge the Goan culinary, here is your platform, a vivid competition where in the contest will have to participate in various sets of round and the finale will be held on the 13 of February.

Goa Food & Cultural Festival

So do not miss because it is not just an ordinary event it is the best of the season, The Goa Food and Cultural Festival is open for all and will begin at 6 Pm on the 9th of February which is a weekend so Thank God it’s Friday and have the time of your lives. 

An added bonus to you this year will be the Goa Carnival 2018 which is also happening throughout the Goa alongside the Goa Food & Cultural Festival in the same dates. So head out to the Panjim Carnival on 10th Feb at around 4 pm. Give a treat to your eyes with the colourful floats and the eclectic performances. And once it is dark and your hunger pangs set in, head out to Campal Grounds and have a lovely feasting at the Food stalls here at the Goa Food & cultural Festival 2018.

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