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Top 10 Trending Wedding Themes That Will Make Your Wedding a Fairy Tale!

Weddings today have become commercial and each one of us want to have a wedding better than the others. Of course, getting into a well themed wedding can cost you a lot. But if that is not a problem, and you are determined to get the best in your wedding and make it a memorable one, you can check out a few wedding themes that could charm your guests.

10. A Modern Bohemian Wedding 

The Bohemian wedding theme is one of the most popular wedding themes that most couples choose. May it be Indian weddings or western, it is always accompanied with modern flavours. The most suitable Boho colours will include earthy shades that will go well with the summer. There’s one rule for a true Bohemian wedding, keep it simple yet elegant! 

9. Lucknow’s Nawabi Style 

Indian styled weddings are always lavish and hold their own unique aura. The Nawabi Gharara is a traditional bridal outfit that is popular in Pakistan but also pretty much significant to the bygone era of Lucknow. Lucknow is known as the city of Nawabs and inculcating their ancestral style in your wedding would definitely give you goosebumps!

8. A Fairytale Theme is the most desirable! 

A fairytale theme is the most appreciated one among girls who’ve grown up watching their favourite fairytale princesses. You could choose a wedding venue at a lonely hilltop, a classic Cinderella gown and your invitation card too could hold the touch of the typical scroll used in fairy tales that were used to inform the public about an occasion to occur. The groom too will have to opt for the traditional princely attire to place everything right. 

7. Opt For A Romantic Ambience In The Hall

Image Courtesy: Studio Memory Lane

This is one of those themes, all our Indian couples would love to have. Imagine love in the form of hearts placed all around, roses on your path and your heart having an adrenaline rush because of the immense attention laid upon you! The romantic ambience will not only set your romantic mood to another level, but the adult guests too will love it. Although usually chaotic, your wedding may seem to go smoothly because of the set theme.

6. Choose The Classy Style With Gold Ruling Dusky Pink

Image Courtesy: Elegant Wedding Magazine

Image Courtesy: SetMyWed

The blend of gold with dusky pink gives an elegant look to the overall decor. It’s a theme to suit both, indoor as well as outdoor Weddings. It’s a way to flaunt a classy and aesthetic look while all experience the joy of something different.  

5. Amaze The Crowd With A Natural Set-up!

Image Courtesy: Dulhaniyaa

This is for those nature lovers, who have been imagining their wedding similar to what we see in movies. The grassy lawn, flowers decorated in the vicinity, and your Mandap under a natural roof, covered with fruits, plants and flowers. A wedding amidst the green land is an opportunity you cannot miss to have for your wedding. 

4. Take Your Seven Vows While The Water Flows Down The Hill

Image Courtesy: Wedding Spot

You can have the waterfall in the background and help your guests be entertained with its flow. The cool breeze, yummylicious snacks and the band, is perfect for a unique themed wedding. This will definitely be an outdoor setup, which is best suited for the winters! 

3. Grab That Great Indian Wedding Style In Royalty

Image Courtesy: WeddingWire India

You can have your wedding in the traditional Rajasthani style. Keeping the traditional look intact, go ahead to book one of Rajasthan’s palaces. Rajasthan, being a historical land of the Rajputs, offers its guests several palaces for their wedding receptions. This destination wedding is bound to surprise your guests and help you enjoy every bit of the wedding. 

2. Go Trendy And Combine Western Style In The Indian Wear

Image Courtesy: Darpan Magazine

With the world turning out to be liberal in their outlook, we have more love marriages taking place. The combination of the east with our western style and traditions, can be one of the best themes to have a memorable wedding. It may not sound different, but you can still make it unique with your own creative ideas. 

1. Choose Your Wedding On The Happening White Sand, While The Sun Dips in the Sea! 

Image Courtesy: Parekh Cards

Opt for a destination wedding in Goa, alongside the shore, pre-booked for only your comfort. Be blessed amidst the natural world and toss a new celebration with your relations😉

For your well themed wedding, you will definitely need a well experienced photographer. If you plan to have a wedlock in the serenity of Goa, you can contact Lokaso, to help you capture the best!

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