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Wedding anniversary in Goa – Surprise your spouse with Lokaso Photoshoot

 Goa is perceived, as the Godfather of party destinations. Be it bachelor parties, getaways with friends, spring breaks, you name it.  It is the hotspot that all the youngsters want to hit before they enter a relationship with full commitment.

Anniversary Photoshoot in Goa by Team Lokaso

But Deepika and Rajat broke this stereotype because not only did they choose to visit Goa for a trip after their marriage, but they also celebrated their first wedding anniversary with Lokaso and its team with a magnificent photoshoot.

I guess it’s safe to say they aren’t the type who go with the crowd. You could call them friends with marital benefits. The beaches of Goa may be serenely calm, breathtakingly beautiful and yet the part of their trip which Deepika and Rajat enjoyed the most was the photoshoot conducted by Lokaso.

Couple Photoshoot in Goa, Location courtesy : Silver Sands Holiday village

To quote Deepika, “It’s hard to compare anything else about Goa with this photoshoot because it was extremely organized and well planned.  We made memories for eternity.”  She went on to add: “I felt like I was among my friends rather than professional photographers because their friendly approach felt like home. We connected instantly and that’s why the pictures are so brilliant.”

You make me wanna surrender my soul – Best Anniversary gift !

Mothers know best. Wives know second best. Maybe that’s why Rajat did every pose that Deepika suggested for the photoshoot, be it carrying her in his arms or helping her reach as high as possible to touch the flowers, Rajat did it all at every location. Deepika, the sly mastermind, with her smart mouth, claimed all the credit for the brilliant thinking and hard work of Rajat during the photoshoot.

Take me higher – Anniversary photoshoot in Goa

What would you call a trip filled with such joy? What does a trip signify when it is nothing but good memories and splendid photographs? What does a photo shoot mean when the couple bond with the team and become so comfortable over such a small duration? The answer isn’t clear, but the 4 days and 5 nights trip to Goa of Deepika and Rajat and the Anniversary photo shoot with Lokaso answered all these questions.

Team Lokaso was built to make trips and Anniversary photoshoots like this worth remembering, the only thing that is needed is for you to let loose and unleash the lively spirit hidden inside you.

Couple Photoshoot in Goa – by Lokaso

Deepika and Rajat’s “friends first, husband-wife” later vibe was so fresh and empowering. That’s the kind of life we celebrate at Lokaso.

To surprise your spouse with an amazing photoshoot experience, remember, we are just a click away 😉

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